Tough times, no savings

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Description: Over one third of Canadians have no retirement savings. And over one half of our citizens are living paycheque to paycheque. These are the rather dismal findings of a recent poll. As well, one third cannot pay off their credit cards each month, an indicator of financial pressures on Canadian households. Date:  September 30,… Read more »

Deficit still there

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Description:    This past week our federal government introduced its budget for the next fiscal year. There were some interesting initiatives, including a possible grant to first-time home-owners from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and some early steps towards a national pharmacare program. But what wasn’t there is also quite interesting: the government is… Read more »

A rare Apple downward drop

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Description:  Somewhat of a rare move you might call it; Apple has predicted a downward trend in its sales volume due largely to declining demand in China. Apple’s bad news comes amid a brewing trade dispute between China and the United States, the world’s two largest economic powers. The markets did not like this bellwether… Read more »

Unemployment’s down; Why aren’t wages up?

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Description:  Unemployment in Canada has hit its lowest rate in forty years. The curious thing though, is that wages are not rising, in contradiction to our understanding of demand and supply. So, we seem to be faced with a case of good news/bad news. Though an increase in jobs is a very good thing, Manulife Asset… Read more »

Do you use self-checkout?

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Description:  Some call them job killers, those automated checkouts that seem to be spreading in the retail world. According to a survey from Dalhousie University, about 25% of those sampled had never used a self-checkout. Automation obviously allows for companies to cut costs. Some argue, though, that technological change leads to job growth. Date:  December… Read more »

GM Leaving Town

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Description:  Thanks a lot for that one! Several years ago, Canadian and US taxpayers bailed out General Motors (GM) during the financial crisis. But GM is back in the black and it is saying it needs to close its plant in Oshawa to retool for the future, leaving 2500 people in this city out of… Read more »

We’re carrying a lot of debt!

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Description:  Canadians are carrying a lot of debt. Canadians debt ratios now sit at 169% of disposable income of households. In 2006 the ratio was at 132%. Canada’s central bank is concerned that the consumer debt issue could put the economy in trouble as the low interest rates of the past few years creep higher…. Read more »

So much for stimulation by tax cuts

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Description:  According to the theory, the massive US tax cuts of last year were supposed to get the tech companies hiring lots of workers. But according to the Financial Times of London, five large American tech firms, including Apple and Alphabet, spent $115 billion on share buybacks. This could be setting up the companies for… Read more »

That sinking feeling

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Description:  The Canadian economy took a jobs hit in August. The unemployment rate climbed to 6 per cent with a net job loss of 51,600 on the month. Losses in the part-time sector seemed to be a big factor in the decline. Alberta moved up in jobs while Ontario slipped backwards. In New Brunswick, a… Read more »

On the border

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Description:  The past week has seen story after story on the trade talks between Canada and the United States. This all follows the US and Mexico coming to terms on a trade deal. Will Canada be left on the sidelines in the North American Free Trade Agreement? What will this mean for Canadian consumers? One… Read more »