Here’s a Good News Story!

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Description: Canada’s economy is back! Back to pre-pandemic levels that is, with Canada adding over 300,000 jobs in February, knocking the unemployment rate down to 5.5%, below what it was in March 2020, and close to Canada’s all-time low. Desjardins economist Royce Mendes noted that “businesses in accommodation and food services and information, culture and… Read more »

Gas Going Up

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Description: It keeps on going. Going up that is: the price of gasoline. You are probably among the many Canadians giving a second look at the price on the pump when you’ve been filling your vehicle with fuel. Though gas prices dropped to almost ridiculous lows in the early shutdown phase of the pandemic, prices… Read more »

Inflation! Inflation!

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Description: Friday the United States released its latest inflation data, showing that prices had climbed 6.8 percent over November 2020 This places inflation at rates not seen in about 40 years. Canadian results are expected to be somewhat similar. Canadians carrying debt need to take a look at their finances in the face of what… Read more »

Starbucks Employees Unionize

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Description: Starbucks employees in Buffalo have voted to become the first unionized Starbuck’s location in the United States. Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, views this as symbolic of recent labour force trends, where employees are somewhat emboldened, reconsidering their options in the face of the Covid-19 economic and social trends. Starbucks has been… Read more »

Inflation and Food Cost

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Description: As many have noticed, food costs are rising in Canada, up about 4% over September of last year. Meat is up 10%, while cooking oils are closer to 20%. Rising prices are especially tough on low income groups – like students. Coping can involve a variety of strategies, including bulk buying by the not-for-profit… Read more »

Out of the Pandemic Dip

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Description: Canada created almost 160,000 jobs in September. That means that the country is out of the deep job loss hole prompted by the pandemic. Statistics Canada states that this job surge has pushed the unemployment rate down to 6.9 %, the lowest since the Covid-19 shutdown began. One intriguing question are how many Canadians… Read more »

I & I – Both Up?

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Description: Inflation in Canada is emerging as a bit of a problem with August figures up 4.1% over last year’s numbers. A rise in this first “I” of inflation has prompted speculation that the Bank of Canada will have to respond by raising a second “I” – interest rates. Former Bank of Canada employee David… Read more »

Oil at $100 Again?

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Description: While some are divesting in oil stocks (see this week’s post on the Caisse’s divestment plans), the Bank of America is predicting oil prices will soar above $100 a barrel for the first time since 2014. Demand for the substance is expected to rise in the face of higher numbers of air travelers, oncoming… Read more »

Economy Bounces Back

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Description: Statistics Canada says that the Canadian economy added 90,000 jobs in August. With an unemployment rate at 7.1%, this key economic measure is now at its lowest point since the pandemic began. The news is not all good, however, as fewer people are actually looking for employment, indicating that the Covid fears may be… Read more »