Forestry falling fast

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  Description: Ten years ago, over 300,000 Canadians made their living in the forestry and related industries. Since then, Canada has lost close to 120,000 jobs in the sector. Currency issues, commodity price swings, and the rise of the internet are all contributing factors to this decline. Meanwhile though, Canadian that depend on forestry jobs… Read more »

And speaking of corruption . . .

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Description: Canadian companies have been lobbying the federal government to delay implementing its new anti-corruption rules. Public Works and Government Services Canada has been threatening to de-list suppliers – including major names such as HP and Siemens – for up to 10 years because of convictions for corruption in foreign countries. Public Works points out… Read more »

Mega Media Merger

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Description:  A couple of Canada’s oldest print media chains joined forces in a major merger this past week. Quebecor divested itself of the Sun media chain in a sale to  Postmedia. Some observers believe this type of consolidation in the industry is essential in the face of a changing media landscape. Source: Global Date:… Read more »

Not the fantasy world we were dreaming of

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Description:  When I was much younger, futurists dreamed of a day when the work week would be much shorter. What would we do with our high standard of living and all this leisure time? Well, according to Saturday’s Globe and Mail, many have reached the 15 hour work week. But that is a problem –… Read more »

K-cup versus Club

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Description:  They’ve transformed the coffee world, these single-serve brewing units like Kuerig and Tassimo. And now a Toronto company, Club Coffee LP, is suing Kuerig Green Mountain Inc for alleged anti-competitive practices. Club Coffee makes its own pods which are compatible with the Kuerig machines. And the patent on the K-Cup technology has expired. But… Read more »

What ever happened to peak oil?

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Description:  Not so long ago, it seems, we were hearing all kinds of talk of peak oil. Speculation abounded on what this might mean for  oil prices and their impact on economic prosperity. But now, in spite of various international crises, world oil prices are in decline. Oil prices have hit a two year low amid… Read more »

Blackberry: Passport to a future?

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Description:  It was a big news week for Blackberry. First, the struggling technology company released a new handset called the Passport. Then, Blackberry announced its second quarter results. Although the company continues to lose money, its loss of 2 cents per share was considerably lower than the 16 cents per share anticipated by analysts. Source:… Read more »

Rule #1: Get re-elected

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Description: Former Nova Scotia Finance Minister, Graham Steele, has released a book describing his time in politics. Steele tells his readers of his deep disillusionment with the political experience. The Rhodes Scholar leaves the reader with a list of  rules from the rough and tumble game of politics. Rule #1: Get re-elected Source: Date:… Read more »

Richest tax on the rich

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Description: New Brunswick is in the midst of an election campaign, leading up to the September 22, 2014 general election. Some have also said the province is also in the midst of a fiscal crisis, with one popular book on the province’s future using the words “Fiscal Cliff” in its title. In an effort to… Read more »

Conflict? What conflict?

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From August 26th to 30th, Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island,  hosted the 55th annual conference of Canadian premiers.  This gathering is sometimes also know as the Council of the Federation. During these sessions, the various premiers discuss issues of common interest, and they communicate with the public on the results of their deliberations through… Read more »