SEC Investigating Under Armour’s Accounting

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Description: Clothing company Under Armour has admitted it is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The investigation has been ongoing since 2017. Speculation is that the investigation may be looking at revenue recognition issues. Date:  November 4, 2019 Source: Link: Discussion points:  1) Are you a user of Under Armour’s… Read more »

McDonald’s goes tech

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Description:  At $300 million, restaurant chain McDonald’s is using a major tech acquisition of Dynamic Yield Ltd to jazz up its menu experience. CEO Steve Easterbrook has been promoting technology – like the new order kiosks – as a differentiator for the fast-food giant. By using Dynamic’s technology, McDonald’s will be able to update its drive… Read more »

Taking on Airbnb

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Description:  An Alberta resident, David Jackel, has taken on Airbnb and won. Jackel had planned a Mexican holiday that included five weeks at a condo rented through Airbnb. But even though he had arranged the rental six months before his vacation, with just a scant three days to go before check-in, the online giant pulled… Read more »

I guess people were paying less . . .

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Description:   With too much debt and too much inventory, Payless Shoes will be seeking bankruptcy protection. All of its almost 250 stores in Canada will be shutting down. The company missed its February rent payments on most of those stores, signalling bad news for employees and landlords. One has to wonder if online sales may… Read more »

Amazon and New York

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Description:   Amazon has pulled the plug on setting up a second HQ in Long Island, New York. Opposition had been rising to the approximately $3 billion in tax breaks Amazon was due to receive from putting offices in the Empire State. The argument seems to break down on two sides: one claiming Amazon is bringing… Read more »

Hackett’s message ignored

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Description:  Jim Hackett, CEO of the Ford Motor Corporation, is trying to get Wall Street to listen. Hackett wants analysts to consider his “thoughtful” approach to moving the car maker forward, rather than concentrating so much on the fact that Ford missed its target for Earnings per Share with its 2018 results. The appeal does… Read more »

Airbnb wins this round

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Description:  In the grand battle of the City of New York versus Airbnb, the online rental agency wins this round. This means that Airbnb and other online rental agencies will not have to provide the City with details of renter addresses and names. The City is concerned that Airbnb and similar agencies can drive up… Read more »

Do you use self-checkout?

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Description:  Some call them job killers, those automated checkouts that seem to be spreading in the retail world. According to a survey from Dalhousie University, about 25% of those sampled had never used a self-checkout. Automation obviously allows for companies to cut costs. Some argue, though, that technological change leads to job growth. Date:  December… Read more »