Banks closing branches

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Description: With more and more banking transactions being handled on line, Canadian banks are looking to close branches after years of growth up to about 2014. The Globe and Mail newspaper reported “dozens” of branches would be closing. Approximately 55 % of Canadians say they do their banking on the internet. Date: January 11, 2017… Read more »

Trump sparks good times at the NY Times

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Description: The New York Times – America’s paper of record – has seen a major jump in subscribers since Donald Trump’s election victory. In the week after Trump’s election, the Times added approximately 41,000 subscribers. This represents the largest subscriber increase since the newspaper’s paywall went into action in 2011. Date:  November 17, 2016 Source:… Read more »

Canadian Tire changes course

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Description: Canadian Tire is cutting its capital expenditures for 2017 as it shifts its strategic focus to online sales and away from bricks and mortar.  Part of this strategy will see Canadian Tire placing increased reliance on private label brands like its Mastercraft tools. Meanwhile, investors seem to like Canadian Tire’s performance as earnings per… Read more »

Challenging the puppet economy

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Description: Last week’s Wiley Weekly Accounting Updates featured a story on job churn: a concept voiced by the Finance Minister Bill Morneau to discuss the world of vanishing permanent jobs. And certainly one cause of job churn has been the so-called gig economy, where businesses like Uber maintain tall those drivers picking up passengers under… Read more »

Watch that password

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Description:  Splashdata is a tech company that has developed a software tool for managing passwords. And each year Splashdata entertains and educates us by publishing a list of the 20 worst passwords. This year’s worst two are unchanged from the previous results – “123456” and “password” still top the list. And what makes it worse,… Read more »

Fear of Fintech

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Description: Technology disrupts. Ask the taxi drivers upset with Uber. Or the hotel owners coping with competition from Airbnb. Now the banking industry is concerned that so-called fintech startups may cause users to question the value of a relationship with a traditional bank. For example, new payment processors are offering businesses much lower transaction fees… Read more »

Lighter than expected

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Description: There were still lineups of course. And many retailers were offering deals. But Black Friday this year seemed to have less retail store traffic in the US than in some prior years. Of course, now with some retailers opening on Thanksgiving Thursday, some consumers may have already made their purchases.  And online purchases were… Read more »

Dell buys big

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Description: Computer maker Dell  is buying in big to the data storage business with a $67 billion takeover of EMC Corp. With the computer market stagnating, this move is seen as one which opens doors for Dell to participate in the expanding market for cloud services. The market’s initial reaction has been lukewarm to this… Read more »