Square Problem

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Description: Payment processing company Square was facing problems on Thursday and Friday as customers were unable to access their accounts. Square has been a popular innovation for small vendors who use it to process payments from customers. The system outages also impacted Cash App, an application that is not available in Canada. Date:  September 8,… Read more »

Meteorite Money

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Description: Sonic booms and a bright fireball that could be seen in broad daylight marked the crashing meteor that left a trail somewhere near the Maine-New Brunswick border last Saturday. And now, all you have to do is find a one kilogram piece of the space rock in the woods to earn yourself a $25,000… Read more »

Blackberry Sells Patents

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Description: Blackberry, that Canadian company once known for its namesake phones, is now rebranded as a software and messaging security organization. Consistent with this outlook, Blackberry has sold-off patents it no longer considers part of its core business for the tidy sum of $900 million. Part of the compensation is based on future royalties of… Read more »

‘Immediately stop’

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Description: When it comes to wearing a favourite clothing brand, the phrase ‘Immediately stop’ gets your attention, doesn’t it? Health Canada has told Canadians to immediately stop wearing certain big brand name Helly Hansen hoodies and sweaters due to concerns over non-compliance with regulations regarding flammability. Roughly 130,000 garments have been subjected to this product… Read more »

Nike Sues Lululemon

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Description: Last Monday Nike Inc. announced it was suing Lululemon Athletica for an unspecified amount of damages. Nike’s claims allege four articles in Lululemon’s footwear lineup – Blissfeel, Chargefeel Low, Chargefeel Mid and Strongfeel – infringe on Nike patents. Last year Lululemon was on the other end of the legal argument when it settled a… Read more »

Six Unions; Only One Contract

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Description: Workers at six Starbucks locations in Alberta and British Columbia have formed unions. But so far, only in one store in Victoria has the new union actually reached a collective agreement with management. Until that first contract is in place, union members do not pay dues. It will be interesting to watch ongoing developments… Read more »

Swift Rebuke

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Description: Taylor Swift called it “excruciating.” That’s her take on the fiasco that saw frustrated fans struggling to secure tickets for her upcoming tour after waiting it out for hours. Swift and others see this as a signal that Ticketmaster – and its parent company Live Nation – are broken. Calls are emerging to investigate… Read more »

Private Equity Firm Buying Rona

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Description: Sycamore Partners, a private equity firm located in New York, is buying retailer Rona, along with several related parties, from Lowes. Lowes said it is making the sale in a move to simplify its business model. Sycamore is paying $400 million for the deal along with additional compensation that will depend upon performance. Date:… Read more »