Quiet Firing

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Description: On September 6, this blog featured a post on the trend of quiet quitting. Now comes the flip side: quiet firing. Nita Chhinzer a professor at the University of Guelph, speaks of employers who make “the workplace such a difficult environment that the employee feels that they have no choice but to leave,” saving… Read more »

Get Ready for Fees

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Description: Starting October 6, Canadian merchants are permitted to pass along credit card fees to consumers. In fact, Telus has already announced that it will do so. But retail watcher Bruce Winder said he does not see most restaurants and or retailers passing these fees along, fearing a possible customer backlash in an inflationary environment…. Read more »

1.42 Billion Chicken Wings

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Description: 1.42 Billion Chicken Wings: that’s a whole lot of chicken projected to be eaten in the United States on Super Bowl Sunday. Though prices are up over last year, the good news from the National Chicken Council (NCC) is that there are no fears of a wing shortage, unlike the situation accompanying last year’s… Read more »

$200 Billion Wipeout!

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Description: Meta – that company you probably still think of as Facebook – scared off investors this week, with projections of weakening revenues and higher costs. The market quickly cast its verdict, driving the market value of Meta down $200 billion. It appears that the metaverse might be a costly venture. Analyst Debra Aho Williamson… Read more »

Microsoft Acquires Activision

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Description: Big Tech giant Microsoft wants to grow bigger. Tuesday of last week Microsoft announced it is acquiring video game maker Activision in a cash deal totaling almost $69 billion. Activision’s products offer an advantage to Microsoft in the emerging virtual world. Some U.S. regulators are signalling, however, that they may take a hard look… Read more »

Suncor Buys Back Stock

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Description: With petroleum prices on the upswing, Suncor Energy is rewarding its shareholders by doubling its quarterly dividend. Early in the pandemic, Suncor reduced its dividend by 50%, but with an operating income of over $1 billion in the latest quarter, the energy producer saw this as a good time to put cash back in… Read more »

Tik Tok Maple Leafs

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Description: You may have noticed something new on the Toronto Maple Leafs outfits if you watched the NHL team in its season opener. The Leafs’ hockey helmets now sport the Tik Tok label. The site, host to the short video format that has captivated so many users, has struck a deal that also includes branding… Read more »

Big Share Repurchase

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Description: Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., a large chain of convenience stores centered in Qu├ębec, has repurchased a large block of shares from one of its founders. The deal will pay Alain Bouchard approximately $300 million for over 6 million shares. A company director who chaired the special board committee that approved the deal said that the… Read more »

I & I – Both Up?

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Description: Inflation in Canada is emerging as a bit of a problem with August figures up 4.1% over last year’s numbers. A rise in this first “I” of inflation has prompted speculation that the Bank of Canada will have to respond by raising a second “I” – interest rates. Former Bank of Canada employee David… Read more »