Apple vs. FBI

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Description: It’s a pretty big battle out there with Apple going head-to-head with the FBI over the issue of encryption. Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the giant corporation will not cooperate with the FBI in opening up access to the cellphone of a terrorist. Apple has concerns that opening up its encryption secrets… Read more »

Take back that bookshelf

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Description: Lots of us love IKEA. And now comes word that IKEA is looking at a program that will let you take back your old IKEA  furniture to the store to receive credit on new purchases. Your old stuff will be resold or recycled, adding a big environmental benefit to the program as well as… Read more »

Where are the savings?

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Description: Federal Auditor General Michael Ferguson released his latest report on Tuesday. One of the key findings seems to be around the relatively new department, Shared Services Canada, founded in 2012. Shared Services Canada has a mandate to consolidate various information services throughout the government’s 43 departments by 2020, but Mr. Ferguson’s work points out… Read more »

Fear of Fintech

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Description: Technology disrupts. Ask the taxi drivers upset with Uber. Or the hotel owners coping with competition from Airbnb. Now the banking industry is concerned that so-called fintech startups may cause users to question the value of a relationship with a traditional bank. For example, new payment processors are offering businesses much lower transaction fees… Read more »

Where’s my porcelain mug?

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Description: Last year 3G Capital Partners LP of Brazil purchased Canadian coffee giant Tim Horton’s. It’s perhaps a sign of 3G’s famous cost-cutting behaviour that some Tim’s outlets are doing away with the  classic porcelain coffee mugs in favour of an all paper cup regime. It’s unlikely that all patrons will be happy with this… Read more »

Costing things out at the post office

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Description: During the election campaign Justin Trudeau promised to suspend the previous government’s initiative to end home delivery of mail. And, in anticipation of the new government taking office, Canada Post has interrupted its plans to make scheduled cuts to the home delivery service. While this move may be politically popular, a analysis of the… Read more »

Big banks cut costs

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Description: TD Bank, CIBC, the National Bank and the Bank of Nova Scotia, all representatives of a highly profitable Canadian banking sector, all appear to be in a cost-cutting mode. One of TD’s moves will be to shrink its branch footprint through amalgamations and closures of branches. But TD is also proposing shrinking the actual… Read more »

Chip Wilson speaks out

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Description:  Ousted Lululemon Chair, Chip Wilson, had some things to say about the company he founded.  The clothing company has been facing pressure from rivals such as Under Armour, pressures which had driven down Lululemon’s market value in recent months. Wilson remarked that while Under Armour has about three times the market value of Lululemon,… Read more »

Paper flyers keep on flying

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Description: The digital world has had a deep impact on media such as movies, television, music and magazines. But for some reason, the much-maligned paper advertising flyer seems to be doing just fine. “Customers love their flyers,” said retail executive David Thorpe in a recent Globe and Mail. Apparently 98% of Canadians examine a flyer at least… Read more »

Cage free please!

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Description: McDonald’s uses about 120 million eggs each year in Canada and about 2 billion in the United States. The restaurant chain has announced that intends to shift its procurement to cage-free eggs, though it may take as long as ten years for the company to reach the goal. Cage-free eggs command a premium in… Read more »