Beating a drum

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Description: Ten years ago Larry Guay faced a huge challenge when his business of building furniture components was undercut by cheap knock-offs from competitors. Rather than fold up the manufacturing plant, he shifted product focus and together with his wife started Los Cabos Drumsticks. The team took their show on the road in the early… Read more »

Mobile gaming rewards

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Description:  McGill grad Jeremy Zuckerman is looking to disrupt the world of mobile gaming. He plans a unique strategy of paying cash rewards to players of games offered by his company WINR Games. Success does not come easily in this $21 billion industry, so it will be interesting to see if Jeremy’s reward ploy works… Read more »

Shopify to go public

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Description: Ottawa area tech company Shopify is getting set to go public, perhaps helping to put some lustre back on Canada’s tech image after well-publicized problems at Blackberry and Nortel. The initial public offering is expected to raise in the range of $100 million for the company. Shopify provides an internet platform that retailers can… Read more »


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Description: As some have observed, for years people have been putting Heinz Ketchup on Kraft Dinner. So maybe that serves as visual reminder of another mega merger this past week as the two companies join together. One motivation seems to be to open the Kraft brand to more international markets. The second motivation could be… Read more »

Long-form problems

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Description: Since the Canadian government cancelled the long-form census in 2010, we have heard a number of criticisms of the move. Now business leaders and economists are coming forward to add that the cancellation of the long-form census has robbed them of decision-making capacity. Without the information the census would have generated, businesses lack important… Read more »

Forestry falling fast

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  Description: Ten years ago, over 300,000 Canadians made their living in the forestry and related industries. Since then, Canada has lost close to 120,000 jobs in the sector. Currency issues, commodity price swings, and the rise of the internet are all contributing factors to this decline. Meanwhile though, Canadian that depend on forestry jobs… Read more »

Harnessing highest tides

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Description: A 10 tonne turbine – worth multi-millions of dollars- was disabled in three weeks in an attempt to test the electricity generating potential of the Fundy tides. But the Irish company, Open Hydro, is back to the Bay of Fundy again in its ongoing efforts to harness the this possible generation opportunity. Some experts… Read more »

Just in case

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Description: With oil prices continuing to head south, resource companies have to reconsider their capital plans. Recently, Canada Natural Resources Ltd (CNRL) announced that it may be required to revisit its over $8 billion capital budget in the face of these resource price declines. Investors threaten to punish energy companies that do not show themselves nimble… Read more »

BlackBerry takeover offer buys company time

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Fairfax Financial-led consortium offering $9 US for each BlackBerry share Fairfax Financial chairman and CEO Prem Watsa speaks at the company’s annual general meeting in Toronto in April 2013. A takeover is necessary to give battered BlackBerry the time it needs to get itself back in order, company watchers say. On Monday, BlackBerry said a consortium… Read more »

Succeeding in Turbulent Times

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Succeeding in Turbulent Times The credit crisis is just one of several factors influencing Canadian companies today. The Canadian dollar, rising energy costs, pressure from off-shore competitors and the economic slowdown in North America are also contributing to widespread economic uncertainty; creating challenges and opportunities and a need for businesses to focus on value preservation… Read more »