What’s in a (Meta)Name?

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Description: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that his company will now be known as Meta. The move by the social media giant sure seemed to attract its own share of social media response, with Twitter showing “Zuck” and “META” trending at the top of the list. Some of the online opinion questions whether this… Read more »

Inflation and Food Cost

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Description: As many have noticed, food costs are rising in Canada, up about 4% over September of last year. Meat is up 10%, while cooking oils are closer to 20%. Rising prices are especially tough on low income groups – like students. Coping can involve a variety of strategies, including bulk buying by the not-for-profit… Read more »

Will the Fans Come Back?

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Description: As some of the Covid restrictions are softening, sports teams are pleased to welcome the fans back into their buildings; not to mention the welcome boost to the team revenue from having fans back in the seats. But while things are looking bright in larger cities like Toronto, smaller markets like Ottawa may find… Read more »

Apple’s Supply Chain Crisis

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Description: Apple is big; really big. But that doesn’t mean that the giant is immune to the same supply chain issues that have hobbled so many during these last several months. Because of the much-publicized chip shortage, Apple may end up producing 10 million fewer iPhone 13s than originally planned this year. One of the… Read more »

Oil at $100 Again?

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Description: While some are divesting in oil stocks (see this week’s post on the Caisse’s divestment plans), the Bank of America is predicting oil prices will soar above $100 a barrel for the first time since 2014. Demand for the substance is expected to rise in the face of higher numbers of air travelers, oncoming… Read more »

Wing Prices Take Off

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Description: With a variety of tasty toppings, chicken wings have become a favourite finger food among restaurant and pub patrons. But prices for poultry, canola oil and even chicken feed have been on the rise, meaning that chicken wings have become more expensive. Security of supply is also an issue of concern, leading a Regina… Read more »

Big Bets

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Description: The NFL is off and running for another season. And with this kickoff comes the news of just how much betting is going on out there. Legal bets on college and NFL football are likely to exceed $20 billion this year. With news like that, Draft Kings stock has been up 17% over the… Read more »

No Votes on Campus This Time

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Description: In the last federal election in 2019, Elections Canada expanded its Vote on Campus program. Thousands more university students voted, almost doubling the total who had voted in 2015. But this year Elections Canada will not be providing the on campus option. Covid-19 has been blamed for the change. Date:  September 2, 2021 Source: … Read more »

Outage at Rogers

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Description: Last Monday a software problem caused a loss of data and phone service to many customers of Rogers Communications. The loss of service hit customers in all parts of Canada, but Montreal and Southern Ontario appear to have suffered the most. The timing of the outage was particularly relevant for those who may have… Read more »

Summer Job Situation

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Description: As economics student Ethan Gilhula puts it, “It’s hard to find a job, especially when the one you’re looking for doesn’t exist.” Last summer much of the country was in some form of Covid containment, cutting off many traditional summer jobs for students. And though the promise of a vaccinated population creates a hopeful… Read more »