Super Bowl commercials 2014: This year’s best , Expense or Capitalize Advertising Costs?

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Who won the ad game during Super Bowl 2014? Millions gathered around television sets Sunday evening to watch the Seattle Seahawks take down the Denver Broncos in an easy 43-8 victory, but for many of those revellers the outcome of the game was secondary to the annual crop of splashy, big-budget Super Bowl ads. Commanding… Read more »

Black Friday deals no guarantee of retail bonanza

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Canadian retailers are pulling out more stops this year to lure bargain hunters on Black Friday, but the promotional blitz may not reap the bottom line rewards many stores are hoping for. From B.C. to the Atlantic Provinces, malls are opening before sunrise as the U.S. shopping phenomenon pegged to the day after American Thanksgiving makes further… Read more »

The Marketing Genius of Steve Jobs

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When you look at his vast technical accomplishments, it’s easy to forget he was a great marketer. As a matter of fact, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that marketing was Jobs’ greatest skill. Today, we look at his boldness as a marketer, how and where it first showed itself in his early 20s, his offer… Read more »

What Do The World Cup and Public Accounting Have in Common?

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OK. For all you accountants, here’s another acronym.  What does FIFA stand for? Well, it’s not an inventory method, but refers to the governing organization for the world’s biggest athletic event this summer ( the World Cup). Even if you’re not a fan, you can’t ignore World Cup fever that is sweeping the globe this… Read more »

Instant-Coffee Wars

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Starbucks has been working on a closely guarded secret for 20 years – Via Ready Brew instant coffee. A month after its launch, Nestle, the maker of Taster’s Choice, has begun an aggressive campaign against the new interloper. This campaign includes free samples of Nescafe’s “sticks,” direct mailings, and Web commercials. QUESTIONS: How should Nestle… Read more »