Flaherty calls Europe’s debt woes ‘dire’

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Urgency to Reduce Debt: Finance Minister Jim Flaherty urged European leaders to find a solution to their debt crisis quickly, or risk further harm to the global economy. “This dire and pressing problem threatens not only Europe itself, but all countries,” Flaherty told a business audience at a luncheon for the Canadian Club in Toronto…. Read more »

Tighter Regulations on Swipe Fees

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On May 13, 2010, retailers won a victory over the fees they pay to banks for credit cards. An amendment by Sen. Richard J. Durbin is just one more element of the financial regulation overhaul currently underway the Senate.  The measure allows stores to give customers discounts for paying with cash or using cards with cheaper… Read more »

First Twitter, Now Credit Card Exchanges for Everyone

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First, Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter in 2006 and now he wants to change the way we exchange money. Dorsey is leading a startup company called Square that is a tiny credit card terminal that plugs into an iPhone (and soon it will work on Google Android software), allowing small vendors and even individuals to complete… Read more »