PwC Canada – Corporate Responsibility

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A Message from Our CEO PwC’s Bill McFarland discusses the firm’s commitment to corporate responsibility At PwC, we understand that we have a role to play in being part of the solution to global challenges. We have a responsibility to help strengthen trust and integrity within the debate on how to create a more sustainable… Read more »

Richest CEOs earn 189 times average Canadian

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The highest paid CEOs have gained more ground in Canada, and are now making nearly 200 times the average Canadian wage, according to a new report.   The 100 highest paid chief executives whose companies are listed on the TSX composite index made an average of $8.38 million in 2010, according to figures pulled from… Read more »

Canadian’s firm used in huge Russian tax scandal, plus How the Rich hide their money!

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Caribbean agency helped set up offshore companies connected to $230M scam It’s a tale with the cloak-and-dagger intrigue of a Hollywood thriller: a $230-million heist, corrupt Russian police and government officials, prison beatings, a dead lawyer, Kafkaesque trials and a diplomatic spat between international superpowers. And now, for the first time, secret files obtained exclusively… Read more »

A modest proposal : Tax Haven

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THE rampant use of tax havens by large companies to reduce their tax bills has been moving up political agendas. The G8 and G20 have called for action to curb the practice. They worry that the international network of treaties and rules designed to avoid the double taxation of multinationals has instead allowed them to… Read more »

Former SNC-Lavalin CEO arrested on fraud charges

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Anti-Corruption Squad Quebec’s anti-corruption squad has arrested former SNC-Lavalin CEO Pierre Duhaime, charging him and Riadh Ben Aissa, ex-head of the company’s construction arm, with fraud in connection with construction contracts for a Montreal super-hospital. Duhaime stepped down from SNC-Lavalin in March after an investigation revealed he signed off on $56 million in “improper payments,”… Read more »

Managing the message: Canada’s new anti-spam law sets a high bar

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Managing the message: Canada’s new anti-spam law sets a high bar New laws target electronic communications Canada’s Anti-Spam Law  (CASL), expected to come into force in 2013, will be one of the toughest of its kind in the world. Texts, tweets, Facebook posts and emails will all fall under its purview. In fact, CASL and… Read more »

Canada’s CEO Elite 100: The 0.01%

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Occupy Montreal: Victoria Square, Montreal,Quebec if you’re looking for Canada’s richest 1%, the compensation tables in the proxy circulars of Canadian publicly listed corporations are a good place to start.  Canada’s Richest If you’ve made it into Canada’s richest 1% club, you’re among the 246,000 pres­tigious few tax filers who made a minimum of $169,300… Read more »

March is Fraud Prevention Month, is your business fraud savvy?

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Top 5 Fraud Prevention Tips for Businesses Raise awareness. A significant number of frauds are detected either accidentally or as a result of tip-offs. This reinforces the importance of raising fraud awareness in the workplace. Organizations should emphasize that it is everyone’s responsibility to find and report fraud. Find the red flags. Fraud cannot be… Read more »

Corporate Responsibility

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PwC’s dedication To corporate responsibility is demonstrated through the actions the public accounting firm takes at work, in the marketplace and in our community. At PwC, corporate responsibility (CR) is about integrating social, environmental and economic integrity into our values, culture, decision-making and operations in an accountable and transparent manner. Put simply, PwC aspires to be… Read more »

Gambling losses aren’t tax writeoffs, court rules

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Case: A Toronto man trying to write off casino and racetrack losses against his income tax bill has gambled and lost at Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal. Giuseppe Tarascio claims that gambling is how he earns the bulk of his income. He filed tax returns for several years, claiming both his wins and losses. By… Read more »