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“Learning to sing from Beyoncé” is the way one student explains how it feels to learn about personal finance from the co-founder of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund.  The former banker and trader takes time to teach students from Harlem about personal finance.  His theme is personal responsibility and he believes that the biggest obstacle facing these students is access to knowledge.  So, he’s taken matters into his own hands by meeting with a group of sophomore, junior, and senior students from a local high school.

They meet once a week after school to learn about mortgages and investing.  But perhaps the most important thing they’re learning is that it’s OK, and even desirable, to ask questions.

Their experiences are giving them to confidence to make good decisions, to ask questions, and to seek additional knowledge.  Their success will ultimately be measured by their financial happiness and the control they’re able to exert over their financial futures.


1. Name three areas of personal finance (credit cards, mortgages, investing, etc.) you’d like to know more about.  What can you do to expand your knowledge in these areas?

2. Have you ever considered volunteering your time to help others in your community?  Has this article changed your mind?

3. The students in the video share what they’re learning with their parents.  How can you share what you’re learning in college with your parents?  What have your parents taught you about personal finance?

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