Twitter posts a profit

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Description: After years of losses, Twitter has finally posted a quarterly profit. New tools that have helped to keep users online longer could be behind the recent success. This is definitely better news for Twitter than all the 2017 talk of how Russian bots may have infiltrated the social media platform and influenced the 2016… Read more »

Feeding the Bitcoin Generator

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Description: With Bitcoin grabbing so many headlines lately with its dramatic rise in price, accompanied by a fall back towards $10,000 per unit, some are focusing attention on the costs of creating it. The so-called mining process that generates new bitcoin requires a shocking amount of computer power with some miners setting up server farms… Read more »

A new news partnership

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Description: With traditional news media in decline, Facebook is joining with Ryerson University to encourage start-up innovation in this industry. The program will target five startup companies to see how these new players might innovate within this important tech space. It will be interesting to see how this incubation experience might lead to genuine breakthroughs… Read more »

Cyber Monday

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Description: Cyber Monday has now overtaken Black Friday as the biggest day on the holiday shopping calendar. The online phenomenon has grown so huge that actually the Tuesday after Cyber Monday is now the second largest holiday purchase day in the United States. Accounting firm Deloitte indicated that 50% of consumers now seem to prefer… Read more »

Loblaws Delivers

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Description: About a month ago, this blog addressed Loblaws plans to cut costs by laying off 500 administrative staff. This week Loblaws took another step down the cost-cutting road by announcing that it would close 22 money losing stores. But, it’s not a total retreat.  The company also announced it was starting up a delivery… Read more »

Blackberry turns from red to black

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Description: Once one of the top handset phone makers in the world, Blackberry has been on steady financial decline since the introduction of the iPhone and various Android smartphones. But Blackberry is bouncing from red ink to black, with the latest quarterly results showing a profit of approximately $19 million. The profit signals possible success… Read more »

Banks closing branches

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Description: With more and more banking transactions being handled on line, Canadian banks are looking to close branches after years of growth up to about 2014. The Globe and Mail newspaper reported “dozens” of branches would be closing. Approximately 55 % of Canadians say they do their banking on the internet. Date: January 11, 2017… Read more »

Trump sparks good times at the NY Times

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Description: The New York Times – America’s paper of record – has seen a major jump in subscribers since Donald Trump’s election victory. In the week after Trump’s election, the Times added approximately 41,000 subscribers. This represents the largest subscriber increase since the newspaper’s paywall went into action in 2011. Date:  November 17, 2016 Source:… Read more »

Canadian Tire changes course

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Description: Canadian Tire is cutting its capital expenditures for 2017 as it shifts its strategic focus to online sales and away from bricks and mortar.  Part of this strategy will see Canadian Tire placing increased reliance on private label brands like its Mastercraft tools. Meanwhile, investors seem to like Canadian Tire’s performance as earnings per… Read more »

Challenging the puppet economy

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Description: Last week’s Wiley Weekly Accounting Updates featured a story on job churn: a concept voiced by the Finance Minister Bill Morneau to discuss the world of vanishing permanent jobs. And certainly one cause of job churn has been the so-called gig economy, where businesses like Uber maintain tall those drivers picking up passengers under… Read more »