Trump sparks good times at the NY Times

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Description: The New York Times – America’s paper of record – has seen a major jump in subscribers since Donald Trump’s election victory. In the week after Trump’s election, the Times added approximately 41,000 subscribers. This represents the largest subscriber increase since the newspaper’s paywall went into action in 2011. Date:  November 17, 2016 Source:… Read more »

Disappointment on Target

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Description: Target began its liquidation of inventory in its Canadian stores this past week. And it seems that in some respects the retailer which disappointed Canadians is continuing to disappoint in its exit from the country. Empty shelves and slim discounts were on the minds of shoppers. One shopper told the Globe and Mail that… Read more »

Enhancing audit quality

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Financial Collapse Could auditors have prevented the failures of the 2008 financial collapse? A CICA/CPAB initiative analyzes proposals for an improved process Illustration: Michael Austin                 Does a corporate failure automatically mean there was an audit failure? This is the underlying question linking the proposals for enhancing audit… Read more »

MD&A (Management Discussion & Analysis)

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MD&A (Management Discussion & Analysis) – Counterpart to or Distraction from Financial Reporting Introduction The MD&A  is an important component of a company’s reporting obligation. Intended to provide investors with more comprehensive information of financial outcomes, MD&A permits greater opportunity to present both short and long-term analysis. A study published by Contemporary Accounting Research indicated… Read more »