Still Stuck?

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Description: The massive ship Ever Given has been freed from the Suez Canal, yet the cargo vessel is still “stuck” in Egypt. Authorities have impounded the Ever Given until its owners settle up with the canal authority on the damages stemming from the incident. Costs may hit upwards of $900 million, including the operational costs… Read more »

Alternative Housing

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Description: With housing prices sky-high in some urban areas, communal living of a sort is making a comeback. Author Diana Lind argues these points in her work Brave New Home: Our Future in Smarter, Simpler, Happier Housing. Lind notes that the notion of having our own space is relatively recent. With shrinking households, sharing living… Read more »

Skip the Tickets

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Description: Skip the tickets; at least that seems to be the practice of many Canadians and our companies when it comes to paying their fines. So says an investigation by CBC News, one that shows the provinces and the territories are owed $1.3 billion in fines and penalties. The amounts owing include $5 million in… Read more »

AG Trades Places

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Description: New Brunswick’s Auditor General, Kim Adair-MacPherson, has been announced as the next auditor general of Nova Scotia. She will be Nova Scotia’s first female auditor general when she takes over her new post on May 3. Ms. Adair-MacPherson fills a vacancy created when former Nova Scotia Auditor General Michael Pickup left to become Auditor… Read more »

Changes Coming

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Description: For the last year or so, grocery stores have done quite well. Shuttered restaurants boosted sales at grocers as consumers were unable to eat out as they had been doing pre-Covid. Loblaws has reported its sales are up 10% over the previous year, but expectations are that 2021 will not see the same levels… Read more »

Facebook Upset

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Description: Facebook is apparently unhappy with Australia’s efforts to have tech companies pay for news content on its feeds. In effect, Facebook has blocked sharing of Australian news on the platform in an attempt to convince Australia’s parliament that it has taken the wrong path. Don Pittis of CBC News wonders if Western democracies will… Read more »

Bitcoin Bubble?

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Description: Bitcoin is soaring to new heights. Tesla has said it will soon accept the cryptocurrency as payment for its electric cars, and, as part of this strategy it has salted away $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. This is seen as part of the reason that Bitcoin has jumped 50% this year. Date:  February 8,… Read more »

Stakeholder Capitalism

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Description: Stakeholder Capitalism: It’s a term coined by a key figure from the annual World Economic Forum in Davos. Stakeholder Capitalism is supposed to represent a new approach for business, one that extends responsibility beyond the shareholders. But some are questioning the nature of the commitment following news that consulting giant, McKinnsey & Company, is… Read more »


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Description: It’s an appealing prospect for a new graduate: having a mentor to help guide you in important decisions for your career. IBM’s talent acquisition manager Bridget King spoke recently about her tips for making these relationships successful ones. She offers four points on how to proceed with your mentor, including being curious. Date:  November… Read more »

Canadians Build Desks

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Description: One thing the Corona virus seems to have done in Canada is that it created a building boom with Canadians assembling IKEA desks to beat the band. During the pandemic, Canadians purchased 631,800 desks, presumably to help them work at home during this time. This outfitting of home offices has been a welcome boost… Read more »