Amazon profits fall

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Description: Amazon profits fell in the latest quarterly results. The decrease has come from Amazon’s efforts to deliver parcels even faster for its Prime customers. Looking for one day delivery to Amazon Prime members is causing problems for Amazon. An analyst said the average one day order is for only $8.32. The problem is it… Read more »

Gap shrinking

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Description: The male-female wage gap is shrinking, with a new Statistics Canada study indicating that females are earning about thirteen percent less than males on average. The research shows more women entering higher paying occupations in the last twenty years, such as those in business and finance. Associate Professor Margaret Yap of Ryerson University noted… Read more »

Maybe the jobs are disappearing

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Description: Out there in the job market, we may have to be keeping our eyes on the robots and AI. It looks like the service sector jobs in areas including banking may be being replaced by electronic workers. The financial industry has been pouring $150 billion a year into artificial intelligence, clearing out jobs at… Read more »

Hard times at exam centres

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Description: A tough exam is kind of what you are expecting if you are sitting down to write the CPA national examination to qualify to become an accountant. That’s why CPA students take-off weeks to study for this important career milestone. This year, however, the exam writers in some centres had additional challenges to overcome…. Read more »

We don’t want you to work here! What?

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Description: It’s always nice to be prepared for that job interview, whether you are talking about next summer’s internship, a part-time job during the school year, or looking ahead to life after graduation. This week’s article tells us of some fascinating methods executives are using to help figure out if you’re the employee they are… Read more »

Fading middle class dream

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Description:  A new report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) concludes the middle class is shrinking. Even worse for Canada, our middle class seems to be faring a bit worse than those in other nations studied. As noted by OECD’s chief of staff, Gabriela Ramos, “The middle class is at the core… Read more »

Most entrepreneurial cities

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Description:  It’s not Toronto, or Vancouver. I’m afraid to tell you that those two don’t even make the top ten list. No, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), Canada’s most entrepreneurial city is Whitehorse, closely followed by Winkler, Manitoba. There appears to be no one single factor that trumps all others in… Read more »

More money for OAGNB

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Description:    The Canadian Taxpayers Federation usually is not in the habit of praising a government for spending more money. This past week, however, the Federation did react positively to the news that the Office of the Auditor General of New Brunswick would be receiving an extra $1 million in its budget for 2019-20. This… Read more »

The most common household

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Description:   Did you know the most common type of household in Canada is now “solo?” Approximately four million Canadians are living alone, a huge increase from the early 1980s when the number was closer to 1.7 million. Grocers are moving to respond, with an increase in single serve offerings. Travel companies like Air Canada, Transat… Read more »

Don’t pass the Heinz

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Description:   After a pretty good start following a 2015 merger of food giants Kraft and Heinz, it looks as if now the bloom may be off the rose. Company shares recently dropped twenty percent with concern in the market about slow growth and changes in consumer tastes. Some have wondered if the cost-cutting regime imposed by… Read more »