Will the Fans Come Back?

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Description: As some of the Covid restrictions are softening, sports teams are pleased to welcome the fans back into their buildings; not to mention the welcome boost to the team revenue from having fans back in the seats. But while things are looking bright in larger cities like Toronto, smaller markets like Ottawa may find… Read more »

Big Share Repurchase

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Description: Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., a large chain of convenience stores centered in Qu├ębec, has repurchased a large block of shares from one of its founders. The deal will pay Alain Bouchard approximately $300 million for over 6 million shares. A company director who chaired the special board committee that approved the deal said that the… Read more »

The Facebook Dilemma

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Description: Last week a lot of the business news was dominated by the story of former Facebook employee Frances Haugen, a whistle-blower who testified before the U.S. Senate regarding Facebook’s alleged choice of profit over user protection. Haugen also had released various documents to the news media, casting her former employer in quite a negative… Read more »

Food Court Passport Patrol

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Description: With Covid-19 cases rising in several provinces in the latest phase of the pandemic, governments, such as Ontario, have responded with requiring vaccine passports for customers dining in restaurants. Policing the passport is especially tough in food courts, where food is purchased from a variety of vendors but consumed in a common area not… Read more »

Lumber Price Drop

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Description: During` the first 18 months of the pandemic, demand for lumber skyrocketed, driving prices through the roof. Now prices are coming back to reality and those who delayed their projects are smiling. Two-by-fours were at $12.65 on June 1. Now you can pick one up for $3.95, essentially a pre-Covid value. Date:  September 15,… Read more »

Big Bets

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Description: The NFL is off and running for another season. And with this kickoff comes the news of just how much betting is going on out there. Legal bets on college and NFL football are likely to exceed $20 billion this year. With news like that, Draft Kings stock has been up 17% over the… Read more »

Still Stuck?

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Description: The massive ship Ever Given has been freed from the Suez Canal, yet the cargo vessel is still “stuck” in Egypt. Authorities have impounded the Ever Given until its owners settle up with the canal authority on the damages stemming from the incident. Costs may hit upwards of $900 million, including the operational costs… Read more »

Alternative Housing

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Description: With housing prices sky-high in some urban areas, communal living of a sort is making a comeback. Author Diana Lind argues these points in her work Brave New Home: Our Future in Smarter, Simpler, Happier Housing. Lind notes that the notion of having our own space is relatively recent. With shrinking households, sharing living… Read more »

Skip the Tickets

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Description: Skip the tickets; at least that seems to be the practice of many Canadians and our companies when it comes to paying their fines. So says an investigation by CBC News, one that shows the provinces and the territories are owed $1.3 billion in fines and penalties. The amounts owing include $5 million in… Read more »

AG Trades Places

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Description: New Brunswick’s Auditor General, Kim Adair-MacPherson, has been announced as the next auditor general of Nova Scotia. She will be Nova Scotia’s first female auditor general when she takes over her new post on May 3. Ms. Adair-MacPherson fills a vacancy created when former Nova Scotia Auditor General Michael Pickup left to become Auditor… Read more »