What’s a Leap Day Worth?

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Description: The Financial Post took an interesting approach to February 29 this year, slowing things down a bit to reflect on what happens during one day in the Canadian economy. Among the fascinating facts listed is that 4,240,584 barrels of oil are taken from the earth while at the same time 63.7 carats of diamonds… Read more »

Coronavirus and Tourism

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Description: The Coronavirus story is lingering on. One industry that seems to be suffering is tourism, with travel agents and tourism operators bracing for a decline in activity lingering into 2021. An executive at the Hilton hotel chain estimates the company will be affected somewhere between $25 and $50 million. Date: ¬†February 16, 2020 Source:¬†… Read more »

Canada Goose and the Virus

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Description: Canada Goose, the high-end garment manufacturer, is predicting a decline in sales this year. The reason for this might surprise you a bit: it’s the impact of the coronavirus on sales in China. The outbreak of the illness has slowed both retail sales and web transactions. Date:  February 7, 2020 Source:  cbc.ca Link: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/canada-goose-1.5455981… Read more »

The Minimalist Approach

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Description: Have you ever heard of the minimalist approach? More than that, have you heard about how it might maximize your financial future? If your basement and closets are full of stuff you don’t use, you’re probably not a minimalist. Organize your finances by setting up a budget and making your shopping trips more intentional…. Read more »

CRA Gets a “D”

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Description: The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) doesn’t think the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is doing a very good job responding to inquiries from its members. The federation has given the CRA a “D” grade, observing the tax agency takes too long to respond, and, when it does, businesses often get incomplete information. The… Read more »

AI: Not as Bad as Feared?

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Description: The robots may still be coming – coming for your job that is – they just aren’t coming as fast as expected, at least according to research carried out this past year by the federal government. Nonetheless, expectations are that 11% of jobs could be replaced by some form of artificial intelligence (AI) in… Read more »

4 Tips on Debt

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Description: With many out doing their Christmas shopping, fears of personal debt are often around the corner. The Toronto Star offered four tips to keep you out of trouble. Number one is decide what to spend, then cut that number in half. Date:  December 2, 2019 Source:  thestar.com   Link: https://www.thestar.com/business/2019/12/02/four-smart-ways-to-stay-out-of-debt-this-holiday-season.html Discussion points: 1) Have… Read more »

Whatever happened to the 8 Hour Workday?

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Description: When Henry Ford and others brought in the eight-hour work day, it seemed like a great deal for workers. But many knowledge workers would be happy to see their day stop when eight hours had been clocked. Freelance writer Lizzie Wade offers an interesting perspective in such an environment, questioning if a knowledge worker… Read more »

Google Bank?

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Description: In last week’s Wiley Accounting Weekly Updates you would have seen a story on the new Apple credit card. This week it’s Google hitting the news, with its announcement that it will be moving into chequing accounts. Google is adopting a strategy of putting its banking partners up front in this venture, differentiating it… Read more »

Amazon profits fall

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Description: Amazon profits fell in the latest quarterly results. The decrease has come from Amazon’s efforts to deliver parcels even faster for its Prime customers. Looking for one day delivery to Amazon Prime members is causing problems for Amazon. An analyst said the average one day order is for only $8.32. The problem is it… Read more »