Less Than Nothing?

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Description: Less than nothing? That was how the CBC described the situation where the government of New Brunswick seems to be paying forestry companies to harvest pulpwood on Crown lands in the province. The new government rate charges harvesters $3.40 per cubic metre of certain softwoods. But the government then pays the forestry companies $3.90… Read more »

Checking Your ID

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Description: If you’re heading down to a Rogers store to look for a new phone, you might just find the door remains locked until you provide proof of identity. Rogers says the policy, which will apply to only some of it stores, is intended to prevent theft and fraud. That’s a bit of a problem… Read more »

Quiet Quitting

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Description: Have you heard of this trend called “quiet quitting?” Workers don’t actually leave their jobs, but they adopt a sort of work-to-rule mentality, setting up boundaries on things like working overtime. Melissa Nightingale, a management trainer, says employees are, in effect, saying “We don’t want to work in the same way we’ve always worked,… Read more »

Back to the Office?

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Description: With Labour Day in the rear-view mirror, many employers are calling for their employees to return to their offices, following the Covid-19 work from home phenomenon. Banks and large legal firms seem to be leading the way on this front, insisting that employees spend a certain number of days in the office, despite the… Read more »

Streaming Changes

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Description: With word this week that Netflix reported its first drop in subscribers since 2011, and with streaming service CNN+ shutting down only one month after launch, https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/cnn-streaming-1.6426163, it’s no wonder some are speculating about challenges ahead for streaming services. Rising inflationary pressures may be part of the reason for Netflix’s declines, as the video… Read more »

The Sunwing Fiasco

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Description: After several days of delayed flights and upset passengers, Sunwing announced Thursday that it hoped to return to “close to normal operations” sometime on the weekend. A data breach at Airline Choice, the third-party supplier of Sunwing’s passenger system, caused cancellations and extensive delays as staff had to use manual processes to handle clients…. Read more »

First Union at Amazon

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Description: This past Friday workers at an Amazon warehouse in New York voted in favour of a union, a first for Amazon workers in the United States. The Amazon Labour Union (ALU) garnered roughly 55% of the votes cast. The victory comes on the heels of an unsuccessful bid to unionize another Amazon facility in… Read more »

Certifying Financial Advisors

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Description: This past Wednesday, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario revealed its plan to ensure “financial advisors” and “financial planners” would have to comply with minimum criteria. Currently, anyone who wants to can hang out their shingle calling themself a financial planner or advisor, thereby potentially confusing consumers. These changes will be accomplished in… Read more »

Ask for a Raise!

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Description: With rising inflation in Canada, workers are asking for raises to keep up with the costs. If they don’t get one, they are showing an increasing willingness to move on to a new job. This change in employee outlook is quite intriguing. James Orlando, an economist at TD bank, said that “workers have not… Read more »

Problems at PWC

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Description: Regulators in both Canada and the United States have slapped roughly $1 million in fines on auditing giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) for an internal cheating scandal in which 1,200 employees were implicated. Last year, PWC Australia faced a similar problem that resulted in over $600,000 in fines. One certainly hopes that the cheating did not… Read more »