Debt rising

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Description: Canadians owe more. That is, for every dollar of income, Canadians owed $1.678, up from the amount owed in the prior quarter. With interest rates now on the way up following years of low rates, economists worry that this rising debt load poses an economic risk. Date: September 15, 2017 Source: Link:… Read more »

Quebec bucks the trend

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Description: While Saskatchewan, Alberta and the federal government in Ottawa have all delivered budgets with big planned deficits in recent weeks, last week the Province of Quebec issued a balanced budget. The budget also promised an income tax cut for Quebec citizens. Could this have anything to do with a coming election in 2018? Date:… Read more »

Betting on buses

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Description: With schools opening all over Canada today, it might be time for investors to look at those bright yellow buses students are boarding this morning. Student Transportation Inc of Barrie, Ontario has been producing better than solid results for investors, particularly in terms of dividend yield, by providing student transportation across North America. Student… Read more »

Going negative

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Description: Try this one on for size: you pay the bank for the privilege of holding your money. Sounds pretty strange doesn’t it? But with stagnant economic growth, central banks in several jurisdictions are crossing the boundary between low interest rates and negative rates – effectively charging  banks to place their funds with the central… Read more »

Google cost control

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Description: Googles latest results have fallen short of analyst projections. Both revenue and profit were below expectations. One issue noted was that Google’s operating expenses had increased by 35% from the previous year, perhaps due to some projects outside the core business, such as the so-called driverless car project. Source: Globe and Date:  January 29, 2015… Read more »

Kia, Hyundai pay $100 million fine

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Description: It’s a tad more than your average traffic ticket. Automakers Hyundai and Kia (which are both controlled by Hyundai) paid $100 million in fines for over-stating gas mileage figures on automobile window stickers. The overstatements were detected by the US Environmental Protection Agency in its audits of audit company test results. In addition to the… Read more »

The quiet merger

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Labour Day is often seen as a point of transition. Cottages are closed down for the year. Camping trailers are returned to storage for the winter. Summer turns into fall. This  September 1, 2014, Labour Day marked another transition of sorts in New Brunswick. September 1st this year marked the official launch of the Chartered… Read more »

Canadian’s firm used in huge Russian tax scandal, plus How the Rich hide their money!

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Caribbean agency helped set up offshore companies connected to $230M scam It’s a tale with the cloak-and-dagger intrigue of a Hollywood thriller: a $230-million heist, corrupt Russian police and government officials, prison beatings, a dead lawyer, Kafkaesque trials and a diplomatic spat between international superpowers. And now, for the first time, secret files obtained exclusively… Read more »

March is Fraud Prevention Month, is your business fraud savvy?

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Top 5 Fraud Prevention Tips for Businesses Raise awareness. A significant number of frauds are detected either accidentally or as a result of tip-offs. This reinforces the importance of raising fraud awareness in the workplace. Organizations should emphasize that it is everyone’s responsibility to find and report fraud. Find the red flags. Fraud cannot be… Read more »

Facebook IPO Filing Reveals Its Stunning Size: A Private Jet, $1 Billion In Profits

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How BIG is Facebook? We knew Facebook was big : you don’t get to 800 million users without making a few bucks — but until today, we didn’t know just how big. Facebook filed papers for an initial public offering on Wednesday, pulling back the curtains on the inner workings of the world’s largest social networking… Read more »