Birkenstock Now Public

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Description: Those comfortable Birkenstock sandals have been a favourite of many consumers for years, often symbolizing a counter-culture outfit. The arch-supporting footwear has been made in Germany since 1774, but this past week Birkenstock stock was publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time. The initial public offering (IPO) brought in… Read more »

Electric Car Takes Off

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Description: Rivian is a tiny company in the electric vehicle space, having only produced around 150 vehicles so far. But it does have a couple of big backers, namely Amazon and Ford. Rivian went public last week through an initial public offering (IPO) that might be called a spectacular takeoff. Despite its marked lack of… Read more »

Big growth; no profits; go public

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Description:   In a race to see which ride service will go public first, it looks like Lyft is going to race rival Uber. In its move towards an initial public offering (IPO) on the stock market, Lyft has released financial information for the first time. And the results are interesting. While the company is rapidly… Read more »

Dropbox IPO

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Description: It’s one of the more widely anticipated Initial Public Offerings (IPO) of 2018: the IPO for cloud storage company Dropbox. Going public does appear to have changed the valuation of Dropbox. Whereas Dropbox was valued at $10 billion in a round of private funding 4 years ago, it is closer to $7.5 billion in… Read more »

Snapchat IPO

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Description: Snapchat is looking to raise up to $4 billion in an initial public offering (IPO). Snapchat lost over $500 million in 2016 and $382 million the previous year. Yet, the company is expected to have a market value of up to $25 billion. Date: February 2, 2017; Source: Link:¬† Discussion Points: 1) Are… Read more »

Canada Goose going public?

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Description: On a cold winter’s morning if you are getting set to walk to your early class, you may be one of the many Canadians enjoying the comfort of a warm Canada Goose garment. Of course, at $900 a pop, it often takes the intervention of a generous parent to bring one of these coats… Read more »

How’s your power bill?

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Description: Consumers are not fond of rising power bills. But how would you feel if you were an electricity consumer last week when provincial Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk reported that citizens of Ontario paid $37 billion in excess of market prices over an eight year period. That’s billion with a “B” folks. It comes at… Read more »

Facebook Fiasco: The Stock Is 50% Below Its IPO Price Again

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Facebook’s IPO price: $38 per share A little while back facebook’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) would take the financial community by storm. The stock would certainly rise to double its Initial Public Offering. This is the reason investors crave to have the opportunity to purchase an IPO. After four months of paperwork, hype and speculation,… Read more »