Nice Change for Humans

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Description: I guess those robots can’t really replace all the humans after all! Walmart has decided to fire its inventory robots. Real, live human beings can gather information on inventory as they stock items in the stores, allowing them to do at least as good of a job as the mechanical workers. Walmart’s CEO wondered… Read more »

What are Canadians Looking for from Business?

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Description: Canadians want businesses to change direction, placing more emphasis on stakeholders and less on shareholders. A survey sponsored by the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation (CCPC) shows Canadians want more focus on issues of income inequality, the environment, and discrimination. Canadians are interested in working for companies that pursue these important… Read more »

Why Don’t We Plan?

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Description: Around the world, governments, medical authorities, and scientists have been organizing responses to the COVID-19 virus. The response to the crisis is tapping into human resourcefulness and inventiveness. Yet economists are asking what is it that keeps us from being better prepared for such a crisis, one that epidemiologists had warned about? Something economists… Read more »

Malaysia’s mountains of our plastics

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Description:  Malaysia is building mountains of our plastic waste since China ceased accepting it from the west in January 2018. For over 25 years, China had accepted roughly 50% of the western world’s plastic waste, turning it into products to be sent back to us. Meanwhile, Canada’s two largest grocery chains, Loblaws and Sobeys, seem… Read more »

Signing Starbucks

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Description:  In a bold move, Starbucks had opened a location in Washington, D.C. where customers can order using American Sign Language. The store is located near to Gallaudet University, a preeminent institution for the deaf and hard of hearing student population. Other features to enable better communication include two-way consoles that will permit customers to… Read more »

Not the list you want to lead

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Description:  It’s one list a company does not want to lead. But Nestlé Pure Life, Tim Horton’s, McDonalds, Starbucks and Coca-Cola are the top five identified brands in Greenpeace’s annual trash identification exercise on Canada’s beaches. Greenpeace gathered trash items on September 15, World Cleanup Day, on four separate beaches in various parts of Canada. The fact… Read more »

Air Miles reduction

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Description: Many consumers carry that little blue Air Miles card in their wallets, racking up points at retail stop, gas stations and service providers. But  Air Miles has reduced the redemption value of the points bank for some vacations, causing angst with Air Miles collectors. Allison Peters decided to book a trip to Mexico, only… Read more »

Trash that tech

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Description: No headphone jack on the new iPhone 7 and  wireless earbuds –  that seemed to be catching most of the attention with Apple’s latest release of its mega-product. It’s probably not exactly what Apple was hoping consumers would  focus on with its latest product launch. But some are saying the iPhone is showing signs… Read more »