CES Time Once Again?

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Description: It’s that time of year again: time to have a look at the highlights of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. One big breakthrough was a tent with a built-in solar panel, set for mounting on a truck bed, bringing you enough wattage to run a portable refrigerator for 45 hours… Read more »

“That should not be the consumer’s responsibility”

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Description: “That should not be the consumer’s responsibility.” That’s how Keldon Bester, from Canadian Anti-Monopoly Project, responded to government advice for consumers to switch carriers for cheaper cellphone rates. The controversy comes in the face of rate hikes from Rogers Communications and word from some consumers that Bell is also raising rates. Bester had previously… Read more »

A Pricey Dram!

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Description: A few years back, when Adrian Ma visited his uncle in Hong Kong, he was gifted with a bottle of Glenlivet, Special Jubilee Reserve, a 25 year old whisky bottled in 1977 to honour Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee. At the time of the gift, Adrian’s uncle told him “I don’t have a reason to… Read more »

Our Tax Dollars; Korean Jobs?

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Description: The governments of Canada and Ontario are taking some heat after revelations that 1,600 workers from South Korea will be arriving in Windsor, Ontario to install equipment at the NextStar battery plant. Canadians may be rightly concerned, as the provincial and federal governments have contributed billions to bring the battery plant and the related… Read more »

Canadian Tire Layoffs

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Description: It’s hard to figure out what’s going on these days in the job market. One day, restaurants and retailers are jamming their windows with help wanted signs. Then, you turn around and find retail giant Canadian Tire is laying off three percent of its workforce, citing declines in business as prompting the move. Reports… Read more »

International Accounting Day

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Description: Friday, November 10, was International Accounting Day. For a discipline that is used to operating out of the limelight, this is one day of the year that focuses on what exactly it is that accountants do. Accounting can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. International Accounting Day comes… Read more »

A Costly Internal Control Lapse

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Description: The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has reached an $8 million settlement that will see it pay out this total, split among three different securities regulators. The Ontario Securities Commission Capital Markets Tribunal approved the settlement for RBC’s control weaknesses in differentiating between capital and operating expenditures in software development. RBC offered that the… Read more »

The Great Pressure Cooker Recall

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Description: Electronics retailer Best Buy is recalling one million pressure cookers after 17 customers have experienced burns. Best Buy will not provide replacements or refunds if your return the item to the store. Rather, the company insists consumers register online to receive satisfaction. Date:  October 27, 2023 Source:  ctvnews.ca  Link: https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/best-buy-recalls-nearly-1-million-pressure-cookers-after-reports-of-17-burn-injuries-1.6620286 Discussion points: 1) Have… Read more »

Biosteel’s Big Name Creditors

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Description: Failed sports drink company Biosteel has left some big-name creditors on the hook. The company owes over $400 million to creditors and its financial problems appear to be linked to its strategy of recruiting expensive professional athletes for its marketing efforts. Several NBA franchises are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. TSN and Rogers… Read more »