Cassettes Anyone?

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Description: It may seem a bit strange, but cassettes are now showing up again in music stores. With artists such as Taylor Swift and The Weekend including this retro-form as a medium of distribution for their new offerings, there’s definitely some shelf space opening up for a format once thought to be obsolete. Part of… Read more »

Swift Rebuke

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Description: Taylor Swift called it “excruciating.” That’s her take on the fiasco that saw frustrated fans struggling to secure tickets for her upcoming tour after waiting it out for hours. Swift and others see this as a signal that Ticketmaster – and its parent company Live Nation – are broken. Calls are emerging to investigate… Read more »

Facebook Falling

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Description: The stock price of Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has been tanking. On Thursday, the markets wiped out 20 percent of the big tech giant’s market valuation, following two quarter’s of revenue declines. Investors see former Facebook advertisers heading off to TikTok as one of Meta’s problems. Others see the billions of spending on the… Read more »

Health Benefits Bring Workers

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Description: Restaurant employees have long been used to working without employer sponsored health benefit plans. But in this time of staff shortages, restaurateurs, such as Calgary’s Antonio Migliarese, are seeing health and dental benefits as way to attract and retain a quality staffers. As line cook Maddy Vine states, in “an industry that’s all about… Read more »

Price Freeze

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Description: Loblaw is freezing its prices on approximately 1,500 store-brand “No Name” products until 31 January 2023. Some experts are labeling the freeze as a publicity move, something to blunt public and political rhetoric around profiteering by grocery giants. Another grocery chain, Metro, followed suit by announcing its own price freeze shortly after Loblaw made… Read more »

Lululemon vs Peleton

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Description: Lululemon and Peleton have settled their dispute. Lululemon had been seeking compensation for Peleton’s alleged swiping of some of Lululemon’s clothing designs. The two companies had a co-branding relationship from 2016 to 2021. After the agreement ended, the “copycat” trouble started. Date: September 30, 2022 Source:¬† ¬†Link: Discussion points: 1) Are you… Read more »

September = Apple Annoucement

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Description: It’s September, and that means there’s going to be some sort of product announcement heading out of Cupertino California, Apple’s HQ. This past Wednesday, Apple introduced four new iPhone models, updated AirPods Pro, and, an Ultra Apple Watch oriented towards extreme sports types. Unfortunately, f you are a user who enjoys a smaller screen,… Read more »

Checking Your ID

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Description: If you’re heading down to a Rogers store to look for a new phone, you might just find the door remains locked until you provide proof of identity. Rogers says the policy, which will apply to only some of it stores, is intended to prevent theft and fraud. That’s a bit of a problem… Read more »