Direction Change at BlackRock

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Description: BlackRock, the largest manager of financial assets in the world, is making an about face on climate change. In a letter to CEOs, BlackRock signaled that the economy is “on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance” due to the threat of climate change. BlackRock is looking at dispensing with coal-related investments and… Read more »

Things Looking Up at Lululemon

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Description: Things are looking up at popular Canadian “athleisure” vendor Lululemon. The Vancouver based retailer recorded net income of over $125 million in the third quarter, up about $30 million from the same period last year. The company is expanding its repertoire of products, moving into the self-care line of shampoo and body lotions. In… Read more »

Black Friday: Some Go For Sales; Others Protest

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Description: Imported directly from the United States: that appears to be one way to describe the increasing popularity of retail sales in Canada on the day after the American Thanksgiving. This Black Friday trend is replacing Boxing Day as the landmark retail event for Canadian consumers. Meanwhile, other citizens in a number of cities worldwide… Read more »

Google Bank?

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Description: In last week’s Wiley Accounting Weekly Updates you would have seen a story on the new Apple credit card. This week it’s Google hitting the news, with its announcement that it will be moving into chequing accounts. Google is adopting a strategy of putting its banking partners up front in this venture, differentiating it… Read more »

Streaming Disney

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Description: In terms of a library of content, it probably makes great sense for Disney to have opened its own streaming service this week. It has already been a big hit, with millions of subscribers already signing on for the fee of $7 per month. Disney has already hit 10 million subscribers, a target some… Read more »

The Colonel Opts for Bamboo

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Description: Going for an environmentally friendly move, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is experimenting with a bamboo container for its poutine. If the trial is successful, the Colonel plans to go “all in” on bamboo, using it for its famous chicken. Bamboo is a bit more expensive than the traditional plastic-coated paper packaging, but it is… Read more »

Google Buys Fitbit

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Description: Google’s parent company has purchased Fitbit for approximately $2.1 billion. This puts Google back into the wearables game as it squares off with Apple. Rumours of the purchase drove Fitbit shares up over 40% in the days preceding the sale, making it a nice week for Fitbit shareholders. Date:  October 28, 2019 Source:… Read more »

Tim’s profit is down

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Description: The folks at Burger King and Popeye’s are happy, but over at that other RBI food company, Tim Horton’s, profits this quarter are down. The RBI company CEO, Jose Cil, said “Our results at Tim Hortons were not where we want them to be.” There is some speculation that Tim’s new reward program may… Read more »

French’s kept their new fans

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Description:  About three years ago this space covered the social-media backlash against Loblaw when they tried to delist French’s ketchup. Canadians rallied to support French’s, a company that reopened a padlocked plant in Leamington, Ontario, after ketchup giant Heinz pulled out of town. Canadians seem to be liking what they are tasting from French’s, indicating… Read more »

Cheap gas

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Description:  It’s an old story for small town entrepreneurs. The new road takes your customers into the city for better prices, better selection and you’re facing a crisis. But Dave Callahan, owner of an independent station in St. George’s Newfoundland, is striking back. As the Fred Eaglesmith song puts it, “Then they built that overpass… Read more »