September = Apple Annoucement

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Description: It’s September, and that means there’s going to be some sort of product announcement heading out of Cupertino California, Apple’s HQ. This past Wednesday, Apple introduced four new iPhone models, updated AirPods Pro, and, an Ultra Apple Watch oriented towards extreme sports types. Unfortunately, f you are a user who enjoys a smaller screen,… Read more »

Checking Your ID

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Description: If you’re heading down to a Rogers store to look for a new phone, you might just find the door remains locked until you provide proof of identity. Rogers says the policy, which will apply to only some of it stores, is intended to prevent theft and fraud. That’s a bit of a problem… Read more »

The Etsy Boycott

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Description: Etsy, the well known marketing site for vendors of various handmade and artistic items, is facing a one-week boycott from some of its suppliers. The boycotts are fueled by vendors who are upset that Etsy has raised its commission from 5% to 6.5%. Etsy counters that the additional funds will allow it to provide… Read more »

Rogers-Shaw Deal Approved

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Description: Rogers Communications has received approval from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for its $26 billion plan to purchase Shaw Communications. As part of the approval, Rogers must provide over $27 million to support specific initiatives, including support for local news. Rogers must secure separate approval from the Competition Bureau and Innovation, Science… Read more »

5G for less than $1G

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Description: Apple’s product announcement on Tuesday brought some nice price news to consumers with the release of the latest SE version of the iPhone. This scaled-down iPhone SE is to be priced at $429 when it hits stores on March 18. Though this version of the SE has a faster processor than the previous version,… Read more »

Those $68 Mittens!

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Description: Some Canadians are more than a bit shocked at the $68 sticker price on Lululemon’s Canadian Olympic Team winter mittens. Long gone are the $10 mittens offered to souvenir seekers by Hudsons Bay Company at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. But defenders of this year’s Olympic gear say Lululemon is offering a higher quality… Read more »

Will the Subsidies End?

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Description: Have you ever wondered how an Uber ride can be so much cheaper than a taxi? Or how Netflix has fostered a creative war that seems like a boon for binge-watching? Or why Amazon really doesn’t make all that much money despite its massive footprint in our lives? These companies, and others such as… Read more »

Netflix Rising

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Description: If you’re a Netfllix subscriber, get prepared to dig a bit deeper into your pocketbook. The monthly rate for the two-stream plans in Canada are heading to $16.49 from the current price of $14.99. Netflix asserts that the increase will help the company provide a “better experience” in a market that seems to be… Read more »

Good Year for Vinyl

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Description: In the music business, 2021 was a good year for Adele; and for vinyl records. Though vinyl accounts for only 2% of U.S. music sales, for the first time since 1991, vinyl outsold CDs as the primary physical medium. Of course, streaming outstrips these older technologies by a huge order of magnitude. Date:  January… Read more »

Right to Repair

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Description: After sustained pressure from the so-called right to repair movement, Apple has agreed to make certain spare parts available to consumers who want to fix their own iPhones and laptops. Apple had previously resisted the notion of consumers repairing their own devices, though a couple of years ago, it opened its parts and tool… Read more »