The Consumer Electronics Show

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Description: Last week saw lots of buzz in Vegas as tech-fanciers and manufacturers hit town for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Technology product editor Todd Haselton wrote that it appears to him that the focus of the show has been evolving. No longer do attendees see electronics – perhaps a new laptop or smartphone –… Read more »

Now that’s customer loyalty!

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Description: Estimates stated that approximately 4,000 customers lined up for last week’s opening of Canada’s 13th Ikea store in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Having exited the city about 30 years ago, Ikea’s new store seemed to be quite welcome, at least judging  by those waiting in line for their chance to be first at the Swedish… Read more »

Standing up for dairy farmers

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Description: It’s probably news that Canadian dairy farmers did not want to hear. While visiting Wisconsin, U.S. President Donald Trump promised he would stand up for dairy farmers in that dairy state, criticizing current trade rules as unfair. Meanwhile, the dairy sector in Australia, New Zealand and Mexico welcomed the thought of attacking the Canadian… Read more »

Bad times in bumping

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Description: You’ve probably seen that viral video of the passenger being dragged off of the United Airlines flight. United has been taking more than a few shots in social media on this one, and perhaps the impact will be felt on its bottom line. And in the past week or so, we have seen discussion… Read more »

Tim’s owner looking for acquisition

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Description: It might be Roll-up the Rim contest time, but Tim Horton’s parent company, Restaurant Brands International, is looking for more than free coffee and doughnuts. Restaurant Brands is looking to add to its  roster of Burger King and Tim’s  through acquisitions. Popeye’s was rumored to be on the take-over list, but talks may have… Read more »

Trump sparks good times at the NY Times

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Description: The New York Times – America’s paper of record – has seen a major jump in subscribers since Donald Trump’s election victory. In the week after Trump’s election, the Times added approximately 41,000 subscribers. This represents the largest subscriber increase since the newspaper’s paywall went into action in 2011. Date:  November 17, 2016 Source:… Read more »

BK expanding Canadian kingdom

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Description: 3G Capital Management, the Brazilian firm that purchased Tim Hortons, is now turning its attention to Burger King. 3G has prided itself in seeking  improvements in other operations such as Kraft Foods, Tim Hortons and Heinz. Now it is turning its attention to helping Burger King’s performance in Canada catch up with rivals McDonalds,… Read more »

Canadian Tire changes course

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Description: Canadian Tire is cutting its capital expenditures for 2017 as it shifts its strategic focus to online sales and away from bricks and mortar.  Part of this strategy will see Canadian Tire placing increased reliance on private label brands like its Mastercraft tools. Meanwhile, investors seem to like Canadian Tire’s performance as earnings per… Read more »

Samsung’s woes

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Description: Not so long ago Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7  launch was met with claims of ‘phone to beat’ status from The past few days, however, have been unfriendly times for Samsung’s Note 7 with multiplying accounts of phones on fire. The latest blow:  airlines banning the planes from flight. Combined with news of Samsung’s… Read more »