Exxon lawsuit

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Description:  Exxon calls it “baseless allegations.” But the New York Attorney General is moving ahead with a lawsuit, saying Exxon deliberately understated the potential liability for dealing with carbon costs in Canada’s oil sands.  Right now the Attorney General is floating a figure of approximately $30 billion in understatements.  The aim of the legal claim seems to… Read more »

Federal PBO critical of provincial debt

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Description: He works for the Parliament of Canada. But that did not stop the newly-appointed Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), Yves Giroux, from criticizing provincial governments in his first report. While the federal government’s finances are sustainable, Mr. Giroux told a news conference that  “it’s a totally different story for provinces and territories.” Date: September 27 , 2018… Read more »

Mega Media Merger

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Description:  A couple of Canada’s oldest print media chains joined forces in a major merger this past week. Quebecor divested itself of the Sun media chain in a sale to  Postmedia. Some observers believe this type of consolidation in the industry is essential in the face of a changing media landscape. Source: Global News.com Date:… Read more »