Pilots Take a Cut

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Description: WestJet pilots have agreed to take a 50% pay cut to keep more of them working during these interesting times. Though WestJet originally thought the effect of the pandemic on air travel would force a reduction of about 1,200 staff, the pilots’ offer has cut the number to around 450. Actions like this across… Read more »

Earth Day at 50

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Description: April 22 marked the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day. This year’s celebration did not see the usual events; these gatherings were shut down by the COVID-19 crisis. Swedish activist Greta Thunberg took the opportunity to point out that humanity is now fighting two crises at the same time: COVID-19 and global warming. Date:  April… Read more »

Run on EI

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Description: During this last week approximately 500,000 Canadians filed a claim for Employment Insurance (EI). In the same week the previous year, only 27,000 filed. The corona virus has caused closures and layoffs throughout the land, prompting unemployed Canadians to see this form of assistance. Date:  March 20, 2020 Source:  theglobeandmail.com Link: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-ottawa-receives-500000-new-applications-for-employment-insurance-as/   Discussion… Read more »

Airline Industry Woes

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Description: Perhaps no industry has been hit harder by the Corona virus than travel and tourism. Flight attendants at Westjet are anticipating layoffs of up to 50% in the face of COVID-19. Things are moving very quickly in this crisis, as earlier in the week the layoff numbers being tossed around were in the order… Read more »

Mortgage Rates Drop

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Description: Mortgage rates in Canada took a drop this week following the Bank of Canada’s 50 basis points cut to its rate. The site ratespy.com – https://www.ratespy.com/ – estimated that for each 1/2% cut in interest rates, Canadians would save $500 per year on each $100,000 borrowed. This is Canada’s lowest interest rate since the… Read more »

What’s a Leap Day Worth?

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Description: The Financial Post took an interesting approach to February 29 this year, slowing things down a bit to reflect on what happens during one day in the Canadian economy. Among the fascinating facts listed is that 4,240,584 barrels of oil are taken from the earth while at the same time 63.7 carats of diamonds… Read more »

Trains not Moving

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Description: As rail blockades continue in Canada, inventory is beginning to build up at major Canadian ports of Halifax, Montreal, and Vancouver. Atlantic Container Line (ACL) says 90% of its business usually moves out of ports by rail, but the current blockades are hitting the normal routes hard. ACL has started to move shipments to… Read more »

Coronavirus and Tourism

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Description: The Coronavirus story is lingering on. One industry that seems to be suffering is tourism, with travel agents and tourism operators bracing for a decline in activity lingering into 2021. An executive at the Hilton hotel chain estimates the company will be affected somewhere between $25 and $50 million. Date: ¬†February 16, 2020 Source:¬†… Read more »

Rich Or Poor?

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Description: November was a bad month for Canadian employment with Canada losing over 70,000 jobs, while our neighbour to the south added over a quarter million. For Canada, this was our worst result in ten years. Financial Post Columnist Jack Mintz offers “that propping up consumer demand by running deficits and distributive tax policies is… Read more »

Food Prices Heading Up

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Description: Oh no – food prices are heading up. A family of four is predicted to have to spend an additional $500 on their food purchases in 2020. Unpredictable weather is the culprit, creating uncertainty in food production for farmers in Canada and elsewhere. Date:  December 5, 2019 Source:  cbc.ca Link: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/climate-change-food-price-increase-report-1.5383507   Discussion points:… Read more »