Out of the Pandemic Dip

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Description: Canada created almost 160,000 jobs in September. That means that the country is out of the deep job loss hole prompted by the pandemic. Statistics Canada states that this job surge has pushed the unemployment rate down to 6.9 %, the lowest since the Covid-19 shutdown began. One intriguing question are how many Canadians… Read more »

I & I – Both Up?

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Description: Inflation in Canada is emerging as a bit of a problem with August figures up 4.1% over last year’s numbers. A rise in this first “I” of inflation has prompted speculation that the Bank of Canada will have to respond by raising a second “I” – interest rates. Former Bank of Canada employee David… Read more »

Oil at $100 Again?

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Description: While some are divesting in oil stocks (see this week’s post on the Caisse’s divestment plans), the Bank of America is predicting oil prices will soar above $100 a barrel for the first time since 2014. Demand for the substance is expected to rise in the face of higher numbers of air travelers, oncoming… Read more »

Economy Bounces Back

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Description: Statistics Canada says that the Canadian economy added 90,000 jobs in August. With an unemployment rate at 7.1%, this key economic measure is now at its lowest point since the pandemic began. The news is not all good, however, as fewer people are actually looking for employment, indicating that the Covid fears may be… Read more »

Pay now? Pay later?

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Description: You can pay me now, or pay me later; so goes the old saying from the Fram oil filter commercial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHug0AIhVoQ Well, the Government of Canada appears to have chosen the pay me later approach with its latest budget, delivered last week by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland. The budget did contain a few revenue… Read more »

The High Cost of Construction

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Description: The nesting phenomenon – people renovating homes during the Covid-19 pandemic – has bumped up both lumber demand and prices. And, of course, this has driven up the cost of building a new home. The cost of thousand board feet of 2×4 has increased from $550 pre-Covid to over $1,400 this spring. Ouch! Date:… Read more »

Costs More to Fill the Tank

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Description: Have you noticed it’s costing you more to fill the tank these days? At the start of the pandemic, gas prices fell precipitously, and Canadians were smiling at least one aspect of the shutdown. But now gas prices have come roaring back. This article from the Toronto Star offers a few reasons why you… Read more »

Bitcoin Bubble?

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Description: Bitcoin is soaring to new heights. Tesla has said it will soon accept the cryptocurrency as payment for its electric cars, and, as part of this strategy it has salted away $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. This is seen as part of the reason that Bitcoin has jumped 50% this year. Date: ¬†February 8,… Read more »

Strong Auto Sales

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Description: In the early part of this Corona virus pandemic, car sales tumbled: No surprise. But then came a different sort of surprise, and the year ended with good news for the auto makers. Despite a 75% crash in the early days of the shutdown, car markets did very well for the year as a… Read more »