Aerospace booming in Quebec

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Description: Not that long ago Bombardier appeared in some trouble and was cutting staff. But this week Bombardier disclosed plans to hire 1,000 additional workers over the next 18 months. And it’s not just Bombardier with good news for Quebec workers. Aerospace Montreal, an industry promoter, predicted over 30,000 aerospace jobs would need to be… Read more »

Points card combo

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Description: If you are a dedicated points saver, you are probably carrying an array of plastic cards in your wallet or apps or your phone to ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities to earn free stuff from participating merchants. This week you may have welcomed the announcement that Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart are… Read more »

Which way do you slice this one?

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Description: Canada’s Competition Bureau has launched an investigation into alleged price-fixing in Canada’s bread industry. Experts appeared surprised by the news, given the recent deflationary trends in the bread and rolls category. But the investigation reportedly stretches back as far as 2001, so it will be interesting to see what emerges. Date: November 1, 2017… Read more »

Walmart workers worried?

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Description: Retail is a very competitive industry, with companies perpetually seeking cost advantages over competitors. Walmart has often been seen as the leader in this respect, long renowned for its integration with suppliers and just in time deliveries. This week Walmart announced it would introduce a self-scanner for consumers to use in 22 of its… Read more »

Hope it still keeps good time

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Description: In 1984, Paul Newman turned over his Rolex watch to his daughter’s college boyfriend, James Cox, all because Cox told Newman he didn’t have a watch when Newman asked him the time. The watch had been a gift from Newman’s wife, Joanne Woodward, during the filming of a 1960s race car movie. This past… Read more »

Sad day for Canadian Music

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Description: It was a sad day for Canadian music on Wednesday as we found out about the death of Tragically Hip front-man Gord Downie.  At only 53 years old he leaves behind a family, friends and many, many fans. He used his own experience with a brain tumor to raise awareness around a deadly form… Read more »

Big cash for Bombardier

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Description: Bombardier Ltd is receiving a major infusion of money. In a bond issue that far exceeded expectations, interested purchasers snapped up $1.4 billion U.S. of Bombardier debt. The bond proceeds will be used to pay off two debt issues coming due in 2018, allowing Bombardier to have a bit of breathing room as it… Read more »

Your tax dollars at work; competing against other tax dollars

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Description: For generations schools have competed against other schools in sports, drama, music and other activities. But would you believe Ontario’s four different publicly funded systems are competing each other in an effort to recruit systems from one of their three “competitiors.” Apparently in an area of declining enrollments attracting students to a school may… Read more »

Betting on buses

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Description: With schools opening all over Canada today, it might be time for investors to look at those bright yellow buses students are boarding this morning. Student Transportation Inc of Barrie, Ontario has been producing better than solid results for investors, particularly in terms of dividend yield, by providing student transportation across North America. Student… Read more »

Secret bank fine

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Description: FinTRAC, the Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, imposed its first fine on a Canadian bank this past week. The fine of $1.1 million was because a Canadian bank did not report some type of suspicious transaction to the authorities. The only problem was FinTRAC didn’t reveal who got fined. And all… Read more »