Google Buys Fitbit

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Description: Google’s parent company has purchased Fitbit for approximately $2.1 billion. This puts Google back into the wearables game as it squares off with Apple. Rumours of the purchase drove Fitbit shares up over 40% in the days preceding the sale, making it a nice week for Fitbit shareholders. Date:  October 28, 2019 Source:… Read more »

Bad loans at ACOA

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Description: Ten percent or more of loans are in trouble at the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA). That doesn’t sound like a very positive use of our taxpayer dollars. Banks typically have a loss rate of about one percent on business loans. Another federal government agency, the Business Development Bank of Canada, reports that only… Read more »

Tale of the Tape

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Description: The government of New Brunswick is taking steps to reduce red tape for business. The Business Navigators program will begin as a pilot project, where government provides business owners with a special phone line and email they can use to ask for assistance in navigating the regulatory framework. New Brunswick’s initiative is getting positive… Read more »

Sneaker Art?

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Description: You may have heard of customers lining up to purchase a new pair of high end running shoes. But have you ever thought about people who buy, sell and collect sneakers as works of art? One Canadian collector reportedly paid in excess of $1 million dollars to Sotheby’s for 99 pairs of classic running… Read more »

Hey! It Folds!

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Description: Friday Samsung launched its new foldable smartphone. The Galaxy Fold is available in South Korea right now, but within a couple of weeks you can find one in France, Britain. Samsung wanted to have the phone on the market months ago, but tech reviewers found a number of issues with the foldable screen. Date:… Read more »

Fines for Facebook?

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Description:   Now it looks like all of Facebook’s privacy issues may be going to cost the company big fines. Regulators at the Federal Trade Commission – otherwise known as the FTC – are in discussions with Facebook over what may turn out to be the largest fine the agency has ever imposed. Last March the… Read more »

That’s a pretty long wait

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Description:  The Province of New Brunswick is not rich. That’s perhaps one reason why the Auditor General focused some of her attention in her recent report on the fact that the federal government owes the province a pretty big pile of cash. All together, the federal government is on the hook for over $60 million… Read more »

Take that Big Mac!

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Description:  The National Post headline called it a “bad day for McBully.” But you might also say, it was a good day for the little big guy, Ireland’s Supermac burger chain. Owner Pat McDonagh claims his restaurant’s Supermac burger name is lifted from a nickname he carried when he played Gaelic football years ago. The… Read more »

The annual CES

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Description:  A phone that folds. Lots of talk about 5G, for those who claim they need even more speed. An electric-powered Harley that connects to the cloud. Audio technology that attempts to simulate the concert experience. And, of course, lots and lots of those trendy virtual assistants. These are a few of the highlights of… Read more »

Problems at GE

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Description:  For many years, General Electric (GE) was a darling of the stock market, hitting target after target and pursuing solid growth. But now, analysts are sounding alarm bells. There are liquidity concerns about GE, as well as an ongoing investigation of its insurance business. In addition, there may be possible tax issues to deal… Read more »