Tik Tok Maple Leafs

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Description: You may have noticed something new on the Toronto Maple Leafs outfits if you watched the NHL team in its season opener. The Leafs’ hockey helmets now sport the Tik Tok label. The site, host to the short video format that has captivated so many users, has struck a deal that also includes branding… Read more »

I & I – Both Up?

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Description: Inflation in Canada is emerging as a bit of a problem with August figures up 4.1% over last year’s numbers. A rise in this first “I” of inflation has prompted speculation that the Bank of Canada will have to respond by raising a second “I” – interest rates. Former Bank of Canada employee David… Read more »

Big Party at Queen’s

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Description: Last Wednesday police broke up a major street party on University Avenue near Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Though the crowd was estimated at 3,000 — well in excess of tbe 100 person limit under the Covid restrictions – less than 20 participants were arrested or charged. Queen’s University stated “consequences for this behaviour… Read more »

Big Boat Stuck

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Description: It’s a big boat stuck in a relatively small space. The Ever Given, a huge vessel with a length stretching over 70% of the height measurement of the CN Tower, has been stuck in the Suez Canal since March 23. This has been causing headaches for many as the Ever Given has shut down… Read more »

Rogers/Shaw Deal

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Description: It’s a huge deal. Rogers Communications is proposing to buy rival Shaw Communications in a deal worth $26 billion. The marriage of these two large broadcast and cellular empires will drastically change the landscape in an area where consumers often talk about high rates and a lack of competition. Perhaps it is not surprising… Read more »

Skip the Tickets

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Description: Skip the tickets; at least that seems to be the practice of many Canadians and our companies when it comes to paying their fines. So says an investigation by CBC News, one that shows the provinces and the territories are owed $1.3 billion in fines and penalties. The amounts owing include $5 million in… Read more »

Tax on Pop

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Description: British Columbia is moving to tax sugary soft-drinks starting on April 1. The provincial sales tax will also apply to the drinks carrying other natural or artificial sweeteners. Vaping supplies will also come under this tax initiative, and, streaming services like Netflix will be required to collect provincial sales tax if they do more… Read more »

HBC Lays Off 600

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Description: The Hudson’s Bay Company, Canada’s oldest company, has announced the permanent layoff of 600 employees. With the pandemic’s negative effect on traditional retailers, and with half of its stores shuttered for now, the Bay appears to have taken this move to reduce costs. One thing that concerns HBC is that big box retailers –… Read more »

Now That’s a Write-down

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Description: Exxon, the giant oil company, seems ready to write down between $17 billion and $20 billion in assets. With collapsing oil prices, Exxon’s natural gas deposits in the Americas are over-valued. About 10 years ago Exxon acquired XTO Energy for about $35 billion, and with it, XTO’s gas fields. In the rear-view mirror, one… Read more »