Plastics in the Pyrenees

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Description: You may not have heard of micro plastics. These tiny bits – less than a fifth of an inch long – float around in the air of our major cities, cast off from the ubiquitous plastic we see daily. In an effort to find out how far these particles might drift, researchers visited snow… Read more »

Cash for fridges

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Description:  Your federal government has decided to hand out approximately $12 million of our tax dollars for more efficient fridges: the problem Canadians are having with that is that the cheque is going to Loblaw, Canada’s largest grocery chain. Oh, did I mention Loblaw made about $800 million last year? To be fair, Loblaw did… Read more »

Going DEEP

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Description:   Deep Earth Energy Production Corp. (DEEP) is going deep. The company is the driving force behind a 3.5 km deep well to be drilled in Estevan Saskatchewan. The well will generate geothermal energy from underground steam, providing a source of green power to the Western province. Funnily enough, DEEP’s deep well source was discovered… Read more »

Challenging Starbucks

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Description: Two sixth-grade students from Calgary have gotten lots of attention for their online petition to encourage Starbucks to switch to fully-recyclable beverage cups. Mya Chau and Eve Helman have had over 300,000 signatures on their petition on Environmental groups have supported the two young environmentalists by funding them to travel to the Starbucks annual… Read more »

No plastic in aisle 5!

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Description: Dutch upscale supermarket Ekoplaza has introduced a plastics-free aisle. You can find your grocery items wrapped in cardboard or paper, or packaged in metal or glass, but you won’t find any plastic in one aisle. The grocery chain wants to expand this program to all of its stores in face of the notion that only… Read more »

. . . With electric trucks!

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Description: In the same week Loblaws  announced that it was starting up a delivery service for online orders, it also surprised us with another future looking move by stating an intention to purchase Tesla’s electric trucks. The trucks are expected to hit the road in 2019 and will help move the giant grocer ahead in… Read more »

Sustainability lacking

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Description: Canadian companies are falling behind. Only 6 Canadian companies made the list of the world’s top 100 most sustainable companies. In 2016, 9 companies were there and in the previous year 12 Canadian companies hit the top. Part of the reason for the decline appears to be stronger disclosure requirements for companies in other… Read more »

Pricing carbon

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Description: This past week Canada’s premiers met with the Prime Minister to discuss climate change. But the group was unable to come to a firm conclusion on any one way forward; rather there appears to have been a general agreement to make carbon more expensive. In New Brunswick, Premier Brian Gallant says this may be… Read more »

Take back that bookshelf

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Description: Lots of us love IKEA. And now comes word that IKEA is looking at a program that will let you take back your old IKEA  furniture to the store to receive credit on new purchases. Your old stuff will be resold or recycled, adding a big environmental benefit to the program as well as… Read more »

Auditing climate change

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Description: Canada’s provincial and federal auditors general are joining forces to take on a nation-wide audit of climate change actions in 2017. Julie Gelfand, the federal commissioner of the environment and sustainable development, whose office is included inside the Office of the Auditor General of Canada, announced the joint audit on Thursday. It will be… Read more »