Can’t Bring Your Own Cup

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Description: McDonalds Canada is facing criticism for its reluctance to accept reusable coffee mugs at its restaurants; all of its restaurants, that is, except for those in Vancouver. Like many chains, McDonalds started to refuse reusable coffee mugs early in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. But competitors such as Tim Hortons and Starbucks have reversed this policy… Read more »

Actually, Things are Pretty Good!

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Description: CBC columnist Don Pitts offered an encouraging view this week for this time of rising interest rates, inflation pressures, war in Ukraine, and SARS-CoV-2 news. Pitts points out the importance of adopting historical perspective on the economy issue, quoting University of Toronto professor emeritus Jon Cohen who says “We’re the richest anybody’s been in… Read more »

NBAG to Examine Covid Response

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Description: The auditor general (AG) of New Brunswick, Paul Martin, has been asked via a unanimous vote of the Legislative Assembly to examine the government’s response to the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. NB’s Premier, Blaine Higgs, feels the time is right for the review now, given that the public health restrictions have been lifted. David Coon, the… Read more »

Gas Going Up

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Description: It keeps on going. Going up that is: the price of gasoline. You are probably among the many Canadians giving a second look at the price on the pump when you’ve been filling your vehicle with fuel. Though gas prices dropped to almost ridiculous lows in the early shutdown phase of the pandemic, prices… Read more »

New Auditor; Same Old Issue

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Description: As the CBC story says, last Wednesday the former Provincial Comptroller, Paul Martin, was packing up his old office at Chancery Place in Fredericton, and getting ready to move down the street where he will now serve as the Province of New Brunswick’s Auditor General. The move is not without some controversy, as accountants,… Read more »

Rogers Out at Rogers

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Description: An apparent power struggle is underway at Rogers Communications. This week the board removed Edward Rogers as chair, replacing him with John MacDonald, who has had a board seat for 12 years. Rogers, however, will maintain his place as a board member. He is also attempting to replace five board members with those who… Read more »

AG Trades Places

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Description: New Brunswick’s Auditor General, Kim Adair-MacPherson, has been announced as the next auditor general of Nova Scotia. She will be Nova Scotia’s first female auditor general when she takes over her new post on May 3. Ms. Adair-MacPherson fills a vacancy created when former Nova Scotia Auditor General Michael Pickup left to become Auditor… Read more »

See You in Court?

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Description: Last week this blog raised the matter of how the Auditor General of New Brunswick has been denied access to a government-created investment firm called Vestcor. This week, well-known accounting scholar, Dr. Steven Salterio, the Stephen J.R. Smith Chair of Accounting and AuditingĀ at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, weighed in on the issue. Dr…. Read more »

Fixing the Independence Issue

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Description: A CBC report this past week highlighted a flaw in the system of appointments for auditors general in the province of New Brunswick. Since the Office of the Auditor General was restored in the 1960s, four of the seven auditors general went directly to the auditor’s chair from the comptroller’s position. This creates problems… Read more »

December Brings Job Losses

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Description: Canada’s economy lost over 60,000 jobs in December. This was the first drop in employment Canada experienced since April, a month when the early days of the Covid crisis hit especially hard. The service sector – not surprisingly given the various public health restrictions – took the largest hit. Date:  January 8, 2021 Source: … Read more »