Suits for Slow Apples

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Description: Here come the lawsuits! Plus the government investigations. Apple is facing heat for slowing down old models of its popular phones in order to extend battery life. Apple has responded by promising new batteries for phone owners, though users are reporting Apple stores are running out of the replacement units. Date: January 31, 2018… Read more »

Costing election promises

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Description: Critics and citizens alike have long decried the lofty election promises politicians make during election campaigns. But now the Liberal government of the tiny Canadian province of New Brunswick appears to be trying to change this dynamic by proposing a law requiring political parties to cost their election platforms. Violators would be punished by… Read more »

Loving that office space

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Description: Chandeliers in the washroom. A trendy coffee bar down the hall. These are some of the pleasant features in Nicola Morgan’s co-working space where desk rentals begin at $125 per month. It’s a growing and attractive option for professionals and others. Date: November 24, 2016 Source: Link: Discussion Points: 1) This article… Read more »

Facebook Workplace

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Description: Facebook has built a huge business on its advertising based social media platform. But now, after a year of testing, Facebook is offering a new platform called Workplace  to compete with the Startup company Slack. Workplace – like Slack – will combine various productivity technologies like e-mail and newsletters. Workplace will be sold to… Read more »

Full disclosure; still waiting

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Description: Canadian banks  have improved their disclosures since the financial crisis. But these improvements may not have gone far enough. For instance, many investors may know that bankers have lobbied our federal government concerning its attention to transaction fees on credit cards. Yet, because of the banks’  disclosure practices, many  of these same investors would… Read more »

Twitter switches gears

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Description: Twitter was once known for fighting with outside developers to ensure that it controlled the experience on its micro-blog. But now, Twitter has opened up a variety of tools to software developers, even if they aren’t Twitter users. The market does not appear to have embraced Twitter’s new strategy to diversify its business. Source:… Read more »

Garment factories fail inspections

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Description: When a garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh in April 2013, calls rang out for change. Yet recent inspections of 1,100 Bangladeshi garment factories found safety hazards in them all. In approximately 20 factories, the inspections revealed conditions severe enough to provoke immediate closure. Source: Industry Date: October 14, 2014 Link: Questions for… Read more »

Google ad revenue misses target

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Description: It’s big. Real big;  Big like  $16.52 billion. And it’s up 20% from last year. But Google’s third quarter advertising revenue failed to meet analysts expectations, while its key metric of cost-per-click continued a downward trend. Source: Globe and Date: October 16, 2014 Link: Questions for Discussion: 1) So what exactly are… Read more »

Super Bowl commercials 2014: This year’s best , Expense or Capitalize Advertising Costs?

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Who won the ad game during Super Bowl 2014? Millions gathered around television sets Sunday evening to watch the Seattle Seahawks take down the Denver Broncos in an easy 43-8 victory, but for many of those revellers the outcome of the game was secondary to the annual crop of splashy, big-budget Super Bowl ads. Commanding… Read more »