Maybe it Will Make Money

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Description: After years of less than spectacular results, and with most of its previous profits coming from its web services arm, Amazon seems to have busted through the retail profits barrier. Its fourth quarter profit was close to $2 billion, with a big helping hand from the latest US tax cut. Alexa seems to be… Read more »

Look up! Rates are rising

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Description: After years of cuts and restraint on interest rates, on Wednesday the Bank of Canada raised interest rates for the second time in three months. The Bank’s move sparked a rally in the loonie, with the Canadian dollar rising to its highest level in two years versus the United States dollar. The Bank appears… Read more »

Netflix over one target, under another

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Description: Netflix‘s earnings per share exceeded the analysts’ estimates in its recent report on the first quarter. Conversely, the number of new subscribers was below what analysts had predicted. Overall, Netflix seems profitable with net income up to $178 million, an increase of about $150 million. The stock has been doing quite nicely, with the… Read more »

No social media allowed

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Description: Unlike in the United States, Canadian securities regulators have blocked Canadian publicly traded companies from announcing important information first on social media. Canadian companies are required to report information first via the traditional press release. One concern regulators have is that an item could be posted to social media, and then taken down shortly… Read more »

Will Apple face America First pressure?

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Description: Donald Trump has put pressure on US automakers to keep manufacturing jobs in America. But what about Apple? The wealthy computer maker doesn’t actually make its devices in the United States. Globe and Mail columnist Eric Reguly points out that many of Apple’s products owe a debt to government funded technological advances, so perhaps… Read more »

More tolls for Toronto

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Description: In a bid to fight traffic congestion and to raise additional funds, Toronto mayor John Tory announced this past week that major arteries such as the Don Valley Parkway are now candidates for a $2 per vehicle toll. Toll revenues will be plugged into funding for infrastructure and public transit. One aim of the… Read more »

Your tax dollars at work; competing against other tax dollars

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Description: For generations schools have competed against other schools in sports, drama, music and other activities. But would you believe Ontario’s four different publicly funded systems are competing each other in an effort to recruit systems from one of their three “competitiors.” Apparently in an area of declining enrollments attracting students to a school may… Read more »

Alphabet tops Apple

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Description: In the battle between the two huge letter A tech companies, Apple and Alphabet, Alphabet (formerly known as Google), has supplanted Apple as the largest company in the world as measured by market valuation. Apple had held the top spot since replacing Exxon in 2012. Alphabet, the new holding company that owns Google and… Read more »

Debt loads troublesome

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Description: The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) is concerned. But this time it’s not about government forecasts. Rather, this week the PBO warned that Canadians debt to income level has reached a point not seen in over 25 years. House prices and other pressures are expected to raise those debt to income levels to close to… Read more »