Trouble at Leon’s

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Description:  Succession issues can pose a serious problem with family owned businesses. It seems that this is the case at Leon’s furniture where family members are now feuding over ownership of a certain class of shares. A complex series of trust arrangements appears to be a central issue as a widow of one of the… Read more »

Blackberry bounces back

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Description:  Once written off for dead, Blackberry stock continues to rise. CEO John Chen has rewritten the Blackberry story by switching emphasis from the hardware market into supply of software. Concentrating on security, Blackberry’s software offers clients data protection in the midst of scary news on the data security front. Hardware now accounts for only… Read more »

The trouble at Tims

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Description: I wonder if they had to do it over again if they may have handled things differently? Tim Hortons, that is. With store owners implementing unpopular cost-cutting policies in the wake of Ontario’s bump in the minimum wage rate, Canadians have taken to holding protests outside of Canada’s favourite coffee shop. Dalhousie University professor… Read more »

The Red Tape Blues

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Description: Red tape continues to be a problem in Canadian jurisdictions. Perhaps the most humorous is a requirement in Quebec to post a notice to tell employees you are about to post a notice. This is among the finalists for Paperweight Award, an annual ‘competition’ sponsored by the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses to highlight… Read more »

Lyft vs. Uber

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Description: In the battle of the two giants, ride service Lyft raised $600 million to help it continue the market share struggle against the bigger Uber. Both of these taxi-supplanters are continuing to grow. Uber, however, is facing a few incidents of bad publicity, including the release of a video showing an executive in an… Read more »

Buffet weighs in on share buybacks

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Description: Critics may say that share buybacks take away from resources for future growth. But in his latest letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hatheway, Warren Buffet argues that buybacks can be a good move, as long as the price is right. One purpose of the buyback can be for management to signal concerns that the… Read more »

Punishing savers?

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Description: It just doesn’t seem to make sense. Savers say they are  being punished when it comes to getting that first mortgage. In the strange world of finance, it appears that home buyers who put down less than 20% of the house value are getting better interest rates than those who have been socking away… Read more »

Loving that office space

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Description: Chandeliers in the washroom. A trendy coffee bar down the hall. These are some of the pleasant features in Nicola Morgan’s co-working space where desk rentals begin at $125 per month. It’s a growing and attractive option for professionals and others. Date: November 24, 2016 Source: Link: Discussion Points: 1) This article… Read more »

How about those co-op placements?

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Description: How about those co-op placements? Universities and community colleges have been offering them in various forms as the discussion of experiential learning enters the common vocabulary. Everything isn’t always rosy with co-op placements though. Unpaid service and uncertain legal status may be some of the downsides on these attempts to provide students with practical… Read more »