Beware of “Shrinkflation”

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Description: Watch out for “shrinkflation,” that practice of producers shrinking package sizes to compensate for increasing costs. Instead of passing on the increasing costs to the end consumers, these companies shrink the box size. Shrinking packaging causes consumers, like Ellyn Newall of Edmonton, to feel duped. After getting her grocery order home, Ellyn realized Post’s… Read more »

The PPE Suppliers Disappear

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Description: In the early days of the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, many Canadian companies responded to the requests from the federal and various provincial governments to help fill the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for our health care workers. But now 90% of those businesses have collapsed as Canadian governments and hospitals have inked contracts with… Read more »

Should You Tip the Robot?

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Description: If you ordered from Pizza Hut in Vancouver, it could be that your eats were delivered by Angie, Hugo or Raja: three delivery robots. The robots were part of a two-week pilot project at only one location, but customers expressed a high satisfaction rate of 95%. In case you are wondering if someone could… Read more »

Who’s Watching?

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Description: Mackenzie Irwin of the firm Samfiru Tumarkin LLP in Toronto, practices in the area of employment law. Irwin observed that over the pandemic, with so many working remotely, some employers began tracking employee activity online, trying to sift out the YouTube time-wasting from the spreadsheet work. But starting Tuesday, the Working for Workers Act… Read more »

Steam Whistle and Beau’s Beer

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Description: Craft brewers Beau’s and Steam Whistle, two well-known producers with popular brands, have joined forces. Last year the two companies had engaged in some cooperation on the distribution side. This latest move allows Beau’s co-founder Tim Beauchesne to transition into retirement, a sometimes tricky issue for entrepreneurs. Steam Whistle’s marketing expertise will also help… Read more »

Teamsters Target Amazon

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Description: The Teamsters union is targeting Amazon’s operations in Canada, with an eye towards unionizing its nine Canadian locations. The Teamsters have already signed-up 40% of the workers at Amazon’s Edmonton facility, thereby reaching the threshold to conduct a facility-wide unionization vote. While the union promises higher wages and better benefits, Amazon counters that unionization… Read more »

Microsoft Backs Pay for News

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Description: In a recent blog post, Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, brought some good news to the traditional news media. Smith’s frank statement – “But one thing is clear – the internet and social media have not been kind to the free press” – seems an apt summary for how the internet has strangled revenue… Read more »

Mortgage Below 1%

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Description: This may never have been seen in Canada before: a mortgage rate below 1%. CanWise Financial’s President, James Laird, stated that the 0.99% figure HSBC placed on offer is “definitely eye catching.” And that may just be the point. Samantha Brookes, the CEO of Mortgages of Canada observed that “banks are being aggressive in trying… Read more »

Second Cup Acquires Bridgehead

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Description: Popular Ottawa-area coffee chain Bridgehead has been purchased by Second Cup for close to $10 million. Bridgehead has a history of supporting fair trade in the coffee business. The intent is that Bridgehead will be able to keep its own identity under the new ownership, allowing the brand to expand outside of the Ottawa… Read more »

Tough times, no savings

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Description: Over one third of Canadians have no retirement savings. And over one half of our citizens are living paycheque to paycheque. These are the rather dismal findings of a recent poll. As well, one third cannot pay off their credit cards each month, an indicator of financial pressures on Canadian households. Date:  September 30,… Read more »