The Etsy Boycott

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Description: Etsy, the well known marketing site for vendors of various handmade and artistic items, is facing a one-week boycott from some of its suppliers. The boycotts are fueled by vendors who are upset that Etsy has raised its commission from 5% to 6.5%. Etsy counters that the additional funds will allow it to provide… Read more »

Collusion on Beef Prices?

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Description: News came this past week that Canadians may be getting a bit of relief on rising food prices, at least where the cost of beef is concerned. Four meat packers, which together control 85% of Canada’s beef market, face a class-action lawsuit alleging that “the price of beef was fixed at an elevated, anticompetitive… Read more »

Truck Snarls

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Description: You’ve seen the trucks on Parliament Hill. Now the protests have spread to the Ambassador Bridge connecting Canada and the United States at Windsor. With $300 million in international trade crossing this bridge every day, Canadians across the country are beginning to feel the impacts of this Ambassador shutdown. Auto manufacturers have already reduced… Read more »

Bring Back Pandemic Premium?

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Description: Early in the Covid crisis, many lauded grocery strore chains as they cranked up the salaries of front line employees with “Hero Pay.” But the “Hero Pay” premium has all but disappeared, while at the same time grocery chain profits have generated big bonuses for company executives. This has prompted pressure from various voices… Read more »

Career Shock

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Description: Some are calling it ‘career shock.’ The Covid-19 impacts such as shifting to work at home, being laid off, or seeing colleagues and friends laid off, has forced employees towards deep reflection about the future of their own careers. In the United States they’ve given a name to the phenomenon of workers in low-wage… Read more »

Apple’s Supply Chain Crisis

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Description: Apple is big; really big. But that doesn’t mean that the giant is immune to the same supply chain issues that have hobbled so many during these last several months. Because of the much-publicized chip shortage, Apple may end up producing 10 million fewer iPhone 13s than originally planned this year. One of the… Read more »

The Burnout Issue

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Description: The Province of Quebec is reexamining its legislation for workplace injuries. The current act dates back as far as 1979, when Quebec had a much larger percentage of workers in manufacturing and industry. Some are urging the government to do better by expanding the proposed legislation to include twenty-first century issues like burnout of… Read more »

Pandemic and Workplace Safety

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Description: Business has been booming at Amazon, but that’s not all good news for the Amazon employees. Tim Bray, a vice-president in the organization left Amazon this past spring, noting that while white-collar employees have excellent work conditions, things are not so nice on the warehouse floor. Workers have been concerned about a lack of… Read more »