Apple’s Supply Chain Crisis

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Description: Apple is big; really big. But that doesn’t mean that the giant is immune to the same supply chain issues that have hobbled so many during these last several months. Because of the much-publicized chip shortage, Apple may end up producing 10 million fewer iPhone 13s than originally planned this year. One of the… Read more »

The Burnout Issue

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Description: The Province of Quebec is reexamining its legislation for workplace injuries. The current act dates back as far as 1979, when Quebec had a much larger percentage of workers in manufacturing and industry. Some are urging the government to do better by expanding the proposed legislation to include twenty-first century issues like burnout of… Read more »

Pandemic and Workplace Safety

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Description: Business has been booming at Amazon, but that’s not all good news for the Amazon employees. Tim Bray, a vice-president in the organization left Amazon this past spring, noting that while white-collar employees have excellent work conditions, things are not so nice on the warehouse floor. Workers have been concerned about a lack of… Read more »

Got Any Really Cold Freezers?

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Description: Apparently there’s a bit of a run on really, really cold freezers. With the world looking to begin vaccinating populations against Covid-19, and the need to store Pfizer’s new vaccine in very cold temperatures, businesses like 360 Medical are looking to supply health care users. A freezer about the size of a dorm-room fridge… Read more »

Pressure on Wages

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Description: Statistics Canada tells us that in Toronto and other cities in southern Ontario, wages for men have either been flat – no increases – or on the way down for the 15 year period between 2000 and 2015. In contrast, wages for males elsewhere in Canada went up by 13% over the same period…. Read more »

Amazon profits fall

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Description: Amazon profits fell in the latest quarterly results. The decrease has come from Amazon’s efforts to deliver parcels even faster for its Prime customers. Looking for one day delivery to Amazon Prime members is causing problems for Amazon. An analyst said the average one day order is for only $8.32. The problem is it… Read more »

GM Strike Over?

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Description: GM and the striking United Auto Workers seem to have reached a deal, ending the first strike against GM in over ten years. Financial analysts have estimated that the strike has cost GM roughly $2 billion. Getting the workers to ratify the agreements may prove challenging, with many of them upset that the automaker… Read more »

Unnecessary Tasks

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Description: According to, over 50% of the average worker’s workday is chewed up by 3 unnecessary tasks. You might be able to guess a couple of them quite easily: emails you don’t really need to do your job and those “no value added” meetings. The third time waster actually happens outside the workplace as… Read more »

Quit Looking

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Description: If you wanted one of those Beyond Meat sandwiches from Tim Horton’s, quit looking, unless you live in Ontario or BC. The coffee chain said the product had been offered as a market test. Significant uptake in Ontario and BC has prompted management to keep Beyond Meat in those two jurisdictions while pulling it… Read more »

Going DEEP

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Description: ¬†¬†Deep Earth Energy Production Corp. (DEEP) is going deep. The company is the driving force behind a 3.5 km deep well to be drilled in Estevan Saskatchewan. The well will generate geothermal energy from underground steam, providing a source of green power to the Western province. Funnily enough, DEEP’s deep well source was discovered… Read more »