The trouble at Tims

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Description: I wonder if they had to do it over again if they may have handled things differently? Tim Hortons, that is. With store owners implementing unpopular cost-cutting policies in the wake of Ontario’s bump in the minimum wage rate, Canadians have taken to holding protests outside of Canada’s favourite coffee shop. Dalhousie University professor… Read more »

Feeding the Bitcoin Generator

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Description: With Bitcoin grabbing so many headlines lately with its dramatic rise in price, accompanied by a fall back towards $10,000 per unit, some are focusing attention on the costs of creating it. The so-called mining process that generates new bitcoin requires a shocking amount of computer power with some miners setting up server farms… Read more »

Layoffs at Loblaws

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Description: Loblaws has announced that roughly 500 administrative staff will be laid off in a cost-cutting move. Loblaws stated the cost cutting is to help cope with rising costs – perhaps such as an increase in the minimum wage. As well, the company cited increasing competitive forces as another reason they had to give this… Read more »

Waste not, want not

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Description: Did that article really say $31 billion? That’s the estimate of the amount of food waste in Canada each year, everything from carrots with two roots to tomatoes that are a bit too ripe. But thankfully, someone is trying to do something about it. Chef Karen Barnaby of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank is… Read more »

Google launches new hardware

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Description: The television commercial for the new Google Pixel 2 phone shows a woman taking a bite out of an apple, and indeed, that not so subtle clue shows us some of what Google is up to. By launching a new phone ahead of Apple’s iPhone X, as well as two new digital assistants, the… Read more »

Welcome back to another academic year

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Description: Welcome back to another academic year of Wiley’s Weekly Accounting Updates. And if you are at Dalhousie University (or King’s College) in Halifax, you might find your welcome back to campus has been accompanied by the presence of the Halifax police. A police program in force since 2004 sees enhanced patrols around the two… Read more »

Something brewing at Tims

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Description: Tim Horton’s franchise holders are upset with Restaurant Brands International (RBI), the famous cost-cutting owners of Tim Hortons and Burger King. The franchisees say cost cutting has gone too far, with stores now seeing inferior quality in such products as coffee pots, cup lids and trays. The Great White North Franchisee Association has been… Read more »

Westjet expands in Quebec

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Description: In a move that challenges rival Air Canada, WestJet has announced it is expanding operations in the Province of Quebec. Westjet is adding over 100 new flights to its roster there, hoping to draw both business and leisure travelers through lower fares. Air Canada is expected to fight back, though low fares will be… Read more »

BK expanding Canadian kingdom

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Description: 3G Capital Management, the Brazilian firm that purchased Tim Hortons, is now turning its attention to Burger King. 3G has prided itself in seekingĀ  improvements in other operations such as Kraft Foods, Tim Hortons and Heinz. Now it is turning its attention to helping Burger King’s performance in Canada catch up with rivals McDonalds,… Read more »