Mind the Breach

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Description: And here comes another online security breach. Thursday Equifax, a credit rating agency, announced that a data breach has affected over 140 million consumers. While most of these live in the United States, a number of British and Canadian consumers may also have had their sensitive data compromised. One thing Equifax has offered is… Read more »

Quidi Vidi Brewery

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Description: The Quidi Vidi Brewery is a good news/bad news story. After years of struggling, including a 1999 warning from their accountant about imminent bankruptcy, this Newfoundland craft brewery has seen a turnaround in more recent years, thanks in part to its Iceberg brand in its distinctive blue bottle. But the two founding investors are… Read more »

Westjet expands in Quebec

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Description: In a move that challenges rival Air Canada, WestJet has announced it is expanding operations in the Province of Quebec. Westjet is adding over 100 new flights to its roster there, hoping to draw both business and leisure travelers through lower fares. Air Canada is expected to fight back, though low fares will be… Read more »

Digital ads dominating

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Description: It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to most of us: digital advertising is continuing to profit while print is in trouble. But television advertising is also seeing its numbers slipping. TV execs are placing some hope in the arrival of “addressable TV” where each home would receive ads based on its… Read more »


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Description: This past Thursday one of the world’s biggest steel manufacturers, ThyssenKrupp, revealed that earlier this year it had been hit by cyberattacks. The hackers, from somewhere in Southeast Asia, stole valuable trade secrets from ThyssenKrupp. The company delayed informing the media about the attack until new security features were put in place. Date: December… Read more »

Facebook Workplace

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Description: Facebook has built a huge business on its advertising based social media platform. But now, after a year of testing, Facebook is offering a new platform called Workplace  to compete with the Startup company Slack. Workplace – like Slack – will combine various productivity technologies like e-mail and newsletters. Workplace will be sold to… Read more »

Food prices dropping?

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Description: You might think lower food prices would be good news. But Sylvain Charlebois, Dean of Dalhousie Univeristy’s Faculty of Management says that we might want to hold off on the celebration. Agricultural commodity prices have dropped to about half of what they were in 2012, creating challenges for producers, retailers and processors. Date: October… Read more »

Phoenix fallout

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Description: It was supposed to be one of the centerpieces of the former Conservative government’s efforts to prove they were the ones to deliver savings and efficiency in the way the public sector delivered services. But now with weeks of stories on how employees have gone without pay cheques or been paid the wrong amount,… Read more »

Profiting from the FBI success

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Description: This past week the FBI announced that it had cracked the Apple iPhone associated with the San Bernadino tragedy. Subsequently, the FBI withdrew from its court action against Apple as the need for Apple’s co-operation in unlocking the phone was now a moot point. Speculation is that the FBI’s success against the iPhone may… Read more »