Indigo Hit

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Description: Indigo Books and Music has a new website up and running following a recent cyberattack. But in this temporary site, Indigo says you can only “window-shop online.” You may browse, but if you find an item that interests you, you will need to go to an Indigo or Chapters store to purchase it. Indigo… Read more »

User Security Concerns at Facebook

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Description: On Friday Facebook’s parent company Meta announced that approximately 1 million of its users may have had their usernames and passwords stolen by hackers. Apps downloaded from Apple and Google appear to be the source of the problem, by permitting access to user information while disguising themselves as popular apps like fitness trackers and… Read more »

The Sunwing Fiasco

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Description: After several days of delayed flights and upset passengers, Sunwing announced Thursday that it hoped to return to “close to normal operations” sometime on the weekend. A data breach at Airline Choice, the third-party supplier of Sunwing’s passenger system, caused cancellations and extensive delays as staff had to use manual processes to handle clients…. Read more »

Blackberry’s Rich Patents

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Description: Blackberry has announced the sales of the bulk of its remaining patents related to its communications technology. Catapault IP Innovations has purchased this intellectual property for $600 million in a combination of cash and promissory notes. As Blackberry has moved itself from a mobile device company to a cybersecurity business, fans of the legendary… Read more »

Reitmans Out of Protection

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Description: Fashion chain Reitmans is exiting creditor protection after 20 months. The company, with HQ in Montreal, has paid its creditors roughly $95 million, about 1/2 of the amount owing based on public disclosures provided by the monitor Ernst & Young Inc. in September 2020. Between its Reitmans brand and its related stores, RW&CO and… Read more »

The Upstart Engines

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Description: There’s probably not much chance that any of the search engines like Neeva, DuckDuckGo, or will supplant Google as the world’s number one search engine anytime soon. Google owns over 90% of the market, with Microsoft’s Bing the next largest at roughly 2.5%. Yet, by offering more privacy, fewer ads, and better results,… Read more »

Gray Wolf to the Rescue

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Description: When the City of Fredericton’s Instagram account was hacked recently, City officials knew where to turn. Enter Gray Wolf Analytics, a local cybersecurity company that had already been in talks with city hall regarding a pilot project. Gray Wolf used its cryptocurrency expertise to upend an attempted ransom demand and to provide valuable intelligence… Read more »

The Texas Cold Crisis

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Description: In an extraordinary week of cold weather, Texas has been dealing with a crisis. Power failures left many Texans in the cold, then freezing water pipes and crippled water treatment plants created a shortage of clean drinking water. This crisis may prompt governments and utilities in North America to consider just how resilient our… Read more »

Big $ for St. John’s Firm

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Description: Nasdaq is looking to buy the St. John’s based online security firm Verafin for $2.75 billion. Verafin’s security reach extends to tracking down elusive financial crime, such as money laundering. The plan is to keep the firm in Newfoundland and Labrador, with Nasdaq’s global client base offering an excellent opportunity to grow the business…. Read more »

Now That’s a Hack

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Description: Several weeks after a cyber-attack, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reports that it is “working diligently to restore access to all services as quickly as possible.” Taxpayers have found some of the familiar online services are still not being offered. The CRA says that the fact that some of its employees have been working… Read more »