COVID-19 Hard on Lower Income Canadians

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Description: We could soon be dealing with two million unemployed Canadians in the face of the COVID-19 virus. Canada has not seen unemployment rates like this in over 70 years. The story tells us that the job losses are not distributed very evenly, with about 40% of those making $14 an hour or less facing… Read more »

Flames to the Rescue

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Description: During this highly unusual situation with COVID-19, we have seen the sudden interruption of various professional sports seasons. This has left many part-time employees who worked in arenas and sports venues without work. In Calgary, the NHL Flames had originally taken the stance that the employees who weren’t working would not be paid. But… Read more »

Truck Driver Shortage

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Description: It was hard to find a business story this week that wasn’t about the corona virus. But, here’s one: officials are worried about a massive shortage of truck drivers to move goods across North America. According to a recent report, Canada is short 20,000 drivers. It seems like the self-driving vehicles won’t be bailing… Read more »

Data Rates

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Description: The federal government has told Canada’s big 3 telecoms – Bell, Rogers, and Telus – to cut their cellphone rates by 25%, or else. Innovation, Science and Industry Minister Navdeep Bains told the companies that if they don’t take action within two years, then the politicians will step in to force them to. On the… Read more »

Google Expanding in Canada

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Description: Tech giant Google is expanding its operations in Canada, building 3 new facilities to accommodate 5,000 employees by 2022. Toronto, Montreal, and Kitchener-Waterloo will be the big beneficiaries of this move. Things have come a long way since the time when the company hired its first Canadian employee in 2001, opening an office of… Read more »

The Cost of Promises

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Description: During the recent federal election campaign, the Liberal party promised to increase the basic personal deduction on our income taxes, saying it would lift thousands of Canadians out of poverty. But, of course, somebody has to pay. And now the Parliamentary Budget Office is saying these deductions will cost the federal government $21 billion… Read more »

Western’s Benefactor Dies

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Description: Richard Ivey, a well-known Canadian philanthropist, has died. Students may recognize the Ivey name for the Ivey Business School at Western University. The Ivey Foundation has donated over $100 million to various causes since it was founded by Richard Ivey’s father – also named Richard Ivey – in 1947. Date:  December 31, 2019 Source: … Read more »

Food Prices Heading Up

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Description: Oh no – food prices are heading up. A family of four is predicted to have to spend an additional $500 on their food purchases in 2020. Unpredictable weather is the culprit, creating uncertainty in food production for farmers in Canada and elsewhere. Date:  December 5, 2019 Source: Link:   Discussion points:… Read more »

Lots of Telecom Complaints

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Description: It may not be a surprise: complaints against telecom companies in Canada have hit record levels. The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) said complaints were up 35 per cent for the year ended July 31. Bell Canada was at the top – or should that be the bottom? – with 30% of… Read more »

Climate March

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Description: At the Ottawa climate march Friday, they said the crowds were larger than those on Canada Day. In cities across Canada and around the world, students left classes to join in climate marches to protest the direction the world is headed in this era of climate change. Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has been inspiring… Read more »