Bad times in bumping

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Description: You’ve probably seen that viral video of the passenger being dragged off of the United Airlines flight. United has been taking more than a few shots in social media on this one, and perhaps the impact will be felt on its bottom line. And in the past week or so, we have seen discussion… Read more »

A budget for science?

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Description: This week’s federal budget had a number of interesting measures, and one that seems to be very strategic is the announcement of close to $118 million in funding for 25 research chairs in an effort to recruit “top-tier international scholars.” Following the U.S. election and the earlier Brexit vote in Britain, the promise of… Read more »

What do you know about debt?

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Description: More than one third of Canadians don’t realize how beneficial it is to make more than the minimum payment on their consumer debt. According to a recent survey by TransUnion, a credit monitoring organization, 39% of Canadians surveyed didn’t realize the financial benefits of paying more than the minimum required by credit card companies… Read more »

Canada Goose going public?

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Description: On a cold winter’s morning if you are getting set to walk to your early class, you may be one of the many Canadians enjoying the comfort of a warm Canada Goose garment. Of course, at $900 a pop, it often takes the intervention of a generous parent to bring one of these coats… Read more »

Banks closing branches

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Description: With more and more banking transactions being handled on line, Canadian banks are looking to close branches after years of growth up to about 2014. The Globe and Mail newspaper reported “dozens” of branches would be closing. Approximately 55 % of Canadians say they do their banking on the internet. Date: January 11, 2017… Read more »

Library nap time

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Description: It has happened to a lot of us, nodding off in the library in the midst of studying for our exams. Students at Edinburgh University have another option now though rather than resting their heads on a desk or finding a comfortable chair in the reading room. Students at the university voted to install… Read more »

Financial Literacy Month

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Description: Did you know November is Financial Literacy  Month? Globe and Mail personal finance columnist Rob Carrick wrote about this recently in discussing the need for parents to get involved in teaching financial literacy to their children. Carrick pointed out an interesting finding of a recent survey by the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education: teens… Read more »

Emotional agility

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Description: Are the assignments beginning to pile up already? Have you missed a deadline or an important meeting this term? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the pace and complexity of your university life? Perhaps it’s time for you to read about Emotional Agility: that’s a term developed by Harvard psychologist Susan David and she sees… Read more »

Payday loans and poverty

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Description: They are regulated in most Canadian provinces. But payday loans still have astronomically high rates ranging from 456 percent to 639 percent. Don’t be fooled by the simple phrase of $15 for a $100 loan. When you figure out the math on an annual basis, you can see why Professor Jerry Buckland is calling… Read more »