Outage at Rogers

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Description: Last Monday a software problem caused a loss of data and phone service to many customers of Rogers Communications. The loss of service hit customers in all parts of Canada, but Montreal and Southern Ontario appear to have suffered the most. The timing of the outage was particularly relevant for those who may have… Read more »

Summer Job Situation

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Description: As economics student Ethan Gilhula puts it, “It’s hard to find a job, especially when the one you’re looking for doesn’t exist.” Last summer much of the country was in some form of Covid containment, cutting off many traditional summer jobs for students. And though the promise of a vaccinated population creates a hopeful… Read more »

Optimistic Entreprenuers

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Description: Optimism and entrepreneur seem like two words that should be linked. But with the Covid-19 pandemic still entrenched in Canada and around the world, some might be surprised to see entrepreneurs optimistically plowing forward with major capital projects in the tourism sector. In Cape Smokey, Cape Breton Island, the ski hill is set to… Read more »

Beer Store Losing Money?

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Description: It’s a headline that sounds like a joke: the Beer Store is losing money. But the retailer owned by the big breweries has lost about $50 million in the last year. Part of the problem is the pandemic, with tavern closures shutting down the sales of kegs. The availability of beer at grocers has… Read more »

Alternative Housing

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Description: With housing prices sky-high in some urban areas, communal living of a sort is making a comeback. Author Diana Lind argues these points in her work Brave New Home: Our Future in Smarter, Simpler, Happier Housing. Lind notes that the notion of having our own space is relatively recent. With shrinking households, sharing living… Read more »

Divestment from Carbon

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Description: Ten years ago a think-tank known as the Carbon Tracker Initiative concluded that the amount of fossil-fuel reserves held by corporations was about five times greater than the amount scientists had concluded the planet could reasonably absorb. The finding, in a sense, paved the path to the divestiture movement. In these last ten years,… Read more »


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Description: NFTs: have you heard of these nonfungible tokens? Art student Jonathan Wolfe certainly has. He sold one of his digital paintings recently for 24.43 units of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency, bring him over $50,000 Canadian. All told, Wolfe has generated over $1 million for sales of NFTs since last fall, all for artwork he used… Read more »

Rogers/Shaw Deal

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Description: It’s a huge deal. Rogers Communications is proposing to buy rival Shaw Communications in a deal worth $26 billion. The marriage of these two large broadcast and cellular empires will drastically change the landscape in an area where consumers often talk about high rates and a lack of competition. Perhaps it is not surprising… Read more »

Costs More to Fill the Tank

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Description: Have you noticed it’s costing you more to fill the tank these days? At the start of the pandemic, gas prices fell precipitously, and Canadians were smiling at least one aspect of the shutdown. But now gas prices have come roaring back. This article from the Toronto Star offers a few reasons why you… Read more »

Craft Beer Sales Up

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Description: Two of Canada’s largest craft beer makers reported that sales were up in 2020, despite the fact that Corona virus had shut down sales channels in bars and restaurants. Big Rock Brewery of Calgary had its highest sales in seven years. Waterloo Brewing Ltd. saw strong growth of 20% during the year, a figure… Read more »