13 Billion on Batteries

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Description: The Government of Canada is offering $13 billion in subsidies to Volkswagen to build the first auto battery plant in North America. The federal assistance is to be delivered through tax subsidies, contingent upon Volkswagen meeting agreed upon output targets. VW’s planned plant in St. Thomas, Ontario, is slated to open in 2027. It’s… Read more »

Save Hard; Then Splurge

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Description: Jennifer Anchan drives a 2001 Honda Accord that she bought for $1,700 cash; she also purchases used items off Kiiji, and shops more often at dollar stores these days. But she is willing to spend big for travel and concert tickets, savouring experiences with friends over acquiring new things. Recent data from the Royal… Read more »

Tough Times at Tupperware

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Description: For much of its 77 year history, Tupperware was the go-to storage container for many families putting away leftovers or meeting other food storage needs. The multi-coloured plastic devices were sold by Tupperware’s independent representatives in parties held in customers’ homes. But the in-person sales technique had fallen out of favour in more recent… Read more »

WestJet Strike?

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Description: It’s probably not the news you wanted to hear as you wind down the winter term at university and get ready to travel back home for the summer break: WestJet’s pilots’ union is set for a strike vote. Bernard Lewall, a union representative, is frustrated by the results of the last six months of… Read more »

Good Times at Dollarama

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Description: Inflationary times have been good times for Dollarama. The rising cost of living has driven customers Dollarama’s way in a search of savings, pushing sales figures about 17 percent higher than in the previous fiscal year. Profits are also up, prompting the discount retailer to pump up the quarterly dividend to its shareholders. Date:… Read more »

Here Comes Shake Shack

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Description: Canada will be getting its first Shake Shack in 2024. The American burger joint has targeted Toronto for its entry into our Canadian market, but it has said it plans to have 35 stores here by 2035. The fast food market in Canada reports growing sales, with the number up 9% in 2022 and… Read more »