Canadians Build Desks

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Description: One thing the Corona virus seems to have done in Canada is that it created a building boom with Canadians assembling IKEA desks to beat the band. During the pandemic, Canadians purchased 631,800 desks, presumably to help them work at home during this time. This outfitting of home offices has been a welcome boost… Read more »

How About This?

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Description: An opinion piece in the Globe and Mail this past week offered that cutting student debt may be an excellent policy alternative for generating entrepreneurship in Canada. Over the past few decades, government support for higher education has declined. Combine this with higher tuition and it means students are graduating with higher debt loads…. Read more »

The End of Double-Cupping

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Description: Last week in this blog there was a story on Apple’s move to reduce waste by no longer shipping a charger block with its new iPhone 12 models. This week Tim Horton’s picked up on the theme by announcing it would no longer double-cup your hot beverage. Don’t panic though; the coffee chain will… Read more »

Still Rising

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Description: The Corona virus crisis has been bad news for certain business sectors, but you can’t say that about real estate. The market continues to be red hot with the Canadian Real Estate Association’s declaration that home prices are up 17% in this past year. Some have suggested that with the virus keeping more families… Read more »

Back to Orange

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Description: New Brunswick and its Maritime cousins, PEI and Nova Scotia, have been the envy of other parts of Canada due to their deft handling of the Corona virus crisis. But this past week, two health zones in New Brunswick were placed back in orange status, after weeks of relative freedom under the yellow banner…. Read more »

RBC and the Arctic

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Description: On Friday RBC announced that it would not be funding new oil drilling projects in the Arctic. Neither would the giant bank be financing new coal-fired projects. Andrew Block, speaking on behalf of RBC, said “We are committed to finding ways to balance the transition to a low-carbon economy.” It will be interesting to… Read more »

Rapid tests

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Description: Air Canada has ordered 25,000 Covid-19 test kits that may be able to detect the virus in about five minutes. With the airline industry being battered as the virus dissuades passengers from flying, the test kits may offer a way to convince potential customers to take to the sky once again. A quick test… Read more »

Big Demand for Exercise Gear

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Description: The pandemic has changed a lot of things, and one of those is how Canadians are pursuing fitness goals. With gyms shut down, or operating under various restrictions, Canadians are stocking up on sports equipment for home and outdoors. The Peloton ‘smart bike’ is a popular – if pricey – choice for some, clocking… Read more »

Aid for Students

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Description: On April 22, the Prime Minister announced $9 billion in assistance for students who have found their summer employment options limited, or eliminated outright, by COVID-19. With summer camps shuttered, and traditional opportunities disappearing, students will be eligible to receive $1250 per month. While some will obviously appreciate the government’s action, others may question… Read more »

On the Farm

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Description: Canadian farmers are getting some help from the federal government to pay for foreign workers. Because the workers will have to be quarantined for 14 days after entering Canada, the government will provide farmers with up to $1,500 per worker to cover pay during the quarantine period. Each year about 40,000 of these agricultural… Read more »