Food Insecurity on Campus

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Description: The inflationary trends on food prices have hit students at Canadian universities, where some have had to turn to campus food banks for relief. Erin O’Neill of the University of Alberta’s campus food bank reports that hundreds of students have registered with the program. Mount Royal University faculty produced survey results reporting food insecurity… Read more »

Loading up on Debt

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Description: Canadians are taking on more debt with Statistics Canada telling us that debt per household in Canada is now 181.7 per cent of income. This figure is up from just under 180 per cent in the previous quarter. According to Ksenia Bushmeneva, an economist with TD Bank, “the selloff in financial markets earlier this… Read more »

Restaurant Prices Up

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Description: It’s probably no surprise that with inflation cranking up the food prices in the grocery stores that it would also cost us more to eat out. According to Restaurants Canada, we will see the cost of dining out increasing by 7.8 per cent┬áby the time we say “goodbye” to 2022. Rising costs for food… Read more »

Help with Inflation

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Description: The Government of Canada is directing financial relief to citizens with lower income to help them deal with this current inflationary environment. One measure is the doubling of the Goods and Service Tax Credit (GSTC) for those with family incomes under $39,826 in 2021. A second measure, the Canada Dental Benefit, will provide cash… Read more »

Managing Your Finances at School

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Description: School is starting once again. And perhaps your most important financial skill in these inflationary times could be learning to budget. A budget is simply a plan where you determine what is coming in (like your part-time earnings, student loans, summer savings, and help from parents) and then deduct all your expenses (housing, food,… Read more »

Back to the Office?

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Description: With Labour Day in the rear-view mirror, many employers are calling for their employees to return to their offices, following the Covid-19 work from home phenomenon. Banks and large legal firms seem to be leading the way on this front, insisting that employees spend a certain number of days in the office, despite the… Read more »

Bargain Hunter’s Delight

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Description: Quick Pick is a bargain hunter’s delight with two locations in metro Ottawa. Quick Pick stocks items returned to online retailers like Amazon, creating value by providing a convenient way to deal with this inventory. New stock arrives every Friday, with all items starting at $25.99. Prices decline daily throughout the week, and, by… Read more »

Collusion on Beef Prices?

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Description: News came this past week that Canadians may be getting a bit of relief on rising food prices, at least where the cost of beef is concerned. Four meat packers, which together control 85% of Canada’s beef market, face a class-action lawsuit alleging that “the price of beef was fixed at an elevated, anticompetitive… Read more »