The Trains Too!

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Description: After all the horror stories about airline travel delays and cancellations over the holidays, maybe it’s a bit too much to stop and realize the trains had similar issues. Via Canada’s CEO, Martin R. Landry, released a statement of apology this week for leaving passengers in Quebec and Ontario in the lurch in the… Read more »

Have You Started Christmas Shopping Yet?

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Description: Canadians are launching their Christmas shopping early this year, partially driven by an effort to beat higher prices due to inflation. An American survey indicates that 37% of that population plans to start earlier this year. Robert Domagala, a retail industry analyst, noted to Global News that “prudent shoppers are probably going to try… Read more »

Wow! or maybe not.

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Description:    Wow! Cheap fairs to Europe! Or maybe not. If you are one of those who has been stranded as of Thursday because of the collapse of Wow – a discount airline headquartered in Iceland – then maybe the bloom is off of the rose. Or maybe you’ve had a ticket on Wow for… Read more »