WE to Close Shop

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Description: Much of the summer news featured the controversy of the federal government’s decision to award a sole-source contract for $43.5 million to the WE charitable group to deliver a student grant program. The backlash over the controversy has cost WE major sponsors such as Telus, RBC, and Virgin Atlantic. All this financial hit has… Read more »

Big Fine for Apple

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Description: Just as in the week before, it is a bit of a challenge to find a business story that wasn’t about the corona virus. This one may catch your attention though: France has fined Apple and two wholesalers over $1.2 billion for anti-competitive behaviour. Perhaps not too suprisingly, Apple disagrees with the decision and… Read more »


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Description: It’s already happening. Last week, Disney launched streaming service DisneyPlus; this week user accounts and passwords started showing up on hacker websites. Now that’s what I call efficiency! Unfortunately, it’s the type of efficiency that comes by exploiting system weaknesses. Professor Paul Rohmeyer, from the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, said he… Read more »

Big Bucks for Listing

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Description: Amazon is giving toymakers favourable promotion for the upcoming Christmas sales season – if they are prepared to pay up to $ 2 million. There’s nothing illegal about charging the toy manufacturers a fee for their place in the sun. But some have commented that the practice is not clearly disclosed to consumers. They… Read more »

Regulator woes

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Description: Alberta Auditor General Doug Wylie and Alberta’s Ethics Commissioner Marguerite Trussler both issued reports this week on the activities of the former CEO of the province’s energy regulator. The ex-CEO, Jim Ellis, was alleged to have “grossly mismanaged” the affairs of the regulator by using a third-party organization he established to sell Alberta expertise… Read more »

See You in Court

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Description: About four years ago the world began learning the Volkswagen had used a sophisticated software trick to trick regulators who were checking emission standards. The scandal has already cost the company almost $40 billion. Now we have learned that three top executives at Volkswagen are being prosecuted for their roles in covering up the… Read more »

Unwelcome timing

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Description: Right now the United Auto Workers is involved with negotiations with the automakers, the contracts having expired September 14. Given this, the timing of this past week’s announcement that Vance Pearson, a member of the UAW’s executive board, had been arrested on charges of embezzeling union funds, is quite unfortunate. The union responded that… Read more »

The college entrance scam

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Description:   Did you hear the news this past week about the college entrance scam? About 50 people – including an Academy Award nominee – were arrested in the United States for their roles in gaming the admissions system at elite schools, all with the aid of William Rick Singer. Singer, in exchange for healthy sums… Read more »

Remembering Enron

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Description:   Well it was one of the most spectacular corporate failures of this century, the sudden decline of Enron. The crash of this company put thousands out of work, ruined their pensions and left stockholders holding worthless shares in a former stock market darling. As well, Enron took down one of the world’s largest accounting… Read more »

The Lavalin issue(s)

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Description:    This past week, Parliament was dominated by just what Justin Trudeau may – or may not – have done to intervene in the so-called Lavalin affair. If we look at SNC-Lavalin’s recent history, however, we quickly realize the engineering firm is no stranger to controversy. The stakes are high in the charges it… Read more »