The Facebook Dilemma

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Description: Last week a lot of the business news was dominated by the story of former Facebook employee Frances Haugen, a whistle-blower who testified before the U.S. Senate regarding Facebook’s alleged choice of profit over user protection. Haugen also had released various documents to the news media, casting her former employer in quite a negative… Read more »

An Expensive Shot

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Description: Now that was a costly injection: the head of the organization investing your Canada Pension Plan resigned last week after news broke that he had received a Covid-19 vaccine in Dubai. Mark Machin has said this trip to the Middle East was for personal reasons, but the timing of his trip comes with repercussions…. Read more »

Pandemic and Workplace Safety

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Description: Business has been booming at Amazon, but that’s not all good news for the Amazon employees. Tim Bray, a vice-president in the organization left Amazon this past spring, noting that while white-collar employees have excellent work conditions, things are not so nice on the warehouse floor. Workers have been concerned about a lack of… Read more »

First, Take Wage Subsidy; Second, Pay Dividends

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Description: An analysis by CBC of 53 Canadian public companies shows that over half of them have paid out dividends to shareholders while collecting the federal government’s Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). The point of the CEWS was to help these and other companies to keep their staff working while facing the economic crush of… Read more »

Time for a Code?

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Description: Dalhousie University professor Sylvain Charlebois argues its time that the big Canadian grocery chains sign-on to an industry code of conduct. He offers this opinion in the light of a move by all the big grocers except Sobeys to place new fees on their suppliers who want access to their store shelves. Charlebois goes… Read more »

WE to Close Shop

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Description: Much of the summer news featured the controversy of the federal government’s decision to award a sole-source contract for $43.5 million to the WE charitable group to deliver a student grant program. The backlash over the controversy has cost WE major sponsors such as Telus, RBC, and Virgin Atlantic. All this financial hit has… Read more »

Big Fine for Apple

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Description: Just as in the week before, it is a bit of a challenge to find a business story that wasn’t about the corona virus. This one may catch your attention though: France has fined Apple and two wholesalers over $1.2 billion for anti-competitive behaviour. Perhaps not too suprisingly, Apple disagrees with the decision and… Read more »


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Description: It’s already happening. Last week, Disney launched streaming service DisneyPlus; this week user accounts and passwords started showing up on hacker websites. Now that’s what I call efficiency! Unfortunately, it’s the type of efficiency that comes by exploiting system weaknesses. Professor Paul Rohmeyer, from the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, said he… Read more »

Big Bucks for Listing

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Description: Amazon is giving toymakers favourable promotion for the upcoming Christmas sales season – if they are prepared to pay up to $ 2 million. There’s nothing illegal about charging the toy manufacturers a fee for their place in the sun. But some have commented that the practice is not clearly disclosed to consumers. They… Read more »

Regulator woes

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Description: Alberta Auditor General Doug Wylie and Alberta‚Äôs Ethics Commissioner Marguerite Trussler both issued reports this week on the activities of the former CEO of the province’s energy regulator. The ex-CEO, Jim Ellis, was alleged to have “grossly mismanaged” the affairs of the regulator by using a third-party organization he established to sell Alberta expertise… Read more »