Tim’s magnate dies

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Description:   Ron Joyce, the first franchisee of Tim Horton’s, and the man who helped grow the chain into a fast-food empire, has died. Joyce, a native of Tatamagouche, N.S., eventually sold Tim Horton’s to Wendy’s in the 1990s. He became well-known as a generous benefactor of various institutions. In a highly notable case, in memory… Read more »

Trouble at Leon’s

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Description:  Succession issues can pose a serious problem with family owned businesses. It seems that this is the case at Leon’s furniture where family members are now feuding over ownership of a certain class of shares. A complex series of trust arrangements appears to be a central issue as a widow of one of the… Read more »

Last friend standing at Blackberry

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Description: This past week, Dan Dodge, the last member of the current Blackberry executive team with close ties to the pioneering Mike Lazaridis, announced he was leaving the company. Dodge was known to be a science and tech lover, just like Blackberry co-founder  Mike Lazaridis. It will be interesting to see how Dodge’s departure impacts… Read more »

Jones Soda and the Seahawks

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Description: Jones Soda is a small soft drink company compared to the giants Coke and Pepsi. But Jones is using its unique location – across the street from the home field of the Seattle Seahawks – as a marketing advantage, sending along its promotional RV to the Super Bowl in Arizona. There Jones Soda continues… Read more »

King of the bonds loses kingdom

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Description:  Bond King Bill Gross has resigned from the firm he founded. Gross left Pimco – Pacific Investment Management Co. – after a number of months of apparent internal struggles. Gross had been the face of the firm for over thirty years. But now his pictures have disappeared from the company website. The firm’s new… Read more »