“Junk Fees” from Cineplex

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Description: This past week saw Canada’s Competition Tribunal holding hearings on Cineplex’s so-called “junk fees.” The Tribunal is looking at whether or not Cineplex can continue to charge movie-goers a $1.50 fee for purchasing a ticket online; or, will it declare that the fee meets the definition of a harmful business practice under the Competition… Read more »

Now That is Nice

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Description: TD Bank is putting smiles on the faces of many of its employees with the news that 90,000 or so of them will be receiving a $500 bonus. This reward is to thank the employees for their extra efforts during the pandemic. TD’s CEO said “I am incredibly proud of your efforts to support… Read more »

Google ad revenue misses target

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Description: It’s big. Real big;  Big like  $16.52 billion. And it’s up 20% from last year. But Google’s third quarter advertising revenue failed to meet analysts expectations, while its key metric of cost-per-click continued a downward trend. Source: Globe and Mail.com Date: October 16, 2014 Link: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/international-business/us-business/googles-profit-slips-misses-estimates/article21131630/ Questions for Discussion: 1) So what exactly are… Read more »

Facebook Fiasco: The Stock Is 50% Below Its IPO Price Again

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Facebook’s IPO price: $38 per share A little while back facebook’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) would take the financial community by storm. The stock would certainly rise to double its Initial Public Offering. This is the reason investors crave to have the opportunity to purchase an IPO. After four months of paperwork, hype and speculation,… Read more »

MD&A (Management Discussion & Analysis)

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MD&A (Management Discussion & Analysis) – Counterpart to or Distraction from Financial Reporting Introduction The MD&A  is an important component of a company’s reporting obligation. Intended to provide investors with more comprehensive information of financial outcomes, MD&A permits greater opportunity to present both short and long-term analysis. A study published by Contemporary Accounting Research indicated… Read more »

Facebook IPO Filing Reveals Its Stunning Size: A Private Jet, $1 Billion In Profits

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How BIG is Facebook? We knew Facebook was big : you don’t get to 800 million users without making a few bucks — but until today, we didn’t know just how big. Facebook filed papers for an initial public offering on Wednesday, pulling back the curtains on the inner workings of the world’s largest social networking… Read more »

Groupon shares jump 35% after IPO

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What is an IPO? An initial public offering, or IPO, is the first sale of a corporation’s common shares to investors on a public stock exchange. The main purpose of an IPO is to raise capital for the corporation. While IPOs are effective at raising capital, being listed on a stock exchange comes with heavy… Read more »

Happiness is owning a small business!

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Small business owners in Canada are a happy group, a new survey says. In fact, 62% of Canadian small business owners would describe themselves as “very happy” with only 1% saying they are “very unhappy.” These are just some of the findings from TD’s Small Business Happiness Index, which examined the attitudes and behaviour of… Read more »

Restructuring GM: Government Bailout a Success!

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General Motors started trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Thursday, a day after its IPO raised US$20 billion. From a starting price of US$33 a share it rose as high as $35.95 in intraday trading before settling at $34.01. It closed at $34.19 on the New York Stock Exchange, a gain of 3.61% in… Read more »