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Description: After rising to a total of approximately 20% of book sales three years ago, digital book sales are dropping. Despite the stories of the disappearance of print media, digital sales are now down to about 15% of total book sales. Print seems to be hanging on just fine in the face of the digital onslaught. Maybe it’s the texture and the feel. Perhaps people like seeing them on a bookshelf. Maybe it’s the ability to highlight your textbook with your favourite colour of ink. For whatever reason, books are not dead.

Date: February 16, 2018



1) Were you surprised to see that digital book sales are dropping?

2) As a student, are you using both digital and print versions of textbooks? Which do you prefer? Why?

3) In Wiley’s  Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, page 86, BE 2-5, you can read about the current ratio of Indigo Books and Music. If you assume Indigo has experienced a similar decline in sales of e-books, and it has replaced that loss with sales of physical books, what impact might this have on Indigo’s current ratio?

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