Loblaws Delivers

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Description: About a month ago, this blog addressed Loblaws plans to cut costs by laying off 500 administrative staff. This week Loblaws took another step down the cost-cutting road by announcing that it would close 22 money losing stores. But, it’s not a total retreat.  The company also announced it was starting up a delivery… Read more »

. . . With electric trucks!

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Description: In the same week Loblaws  announced that it was starting up a delivery service for online orders, it also surprised us with another future looking move by stating an intention to purchase Tesla’s electric trucks. The trucks are expected to hit the road in 2019 and will help move the giant grocer ahead in… Read more »

Aerospace booming in Quebec

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Description: Not that long ago Bombardier appeared in some trouble and was cutting staff. But this week Bombardier disclosed plans to hire 1,000 additional workers over the next 18 months. And it’s not just Bombardier with good news for Quebec workers. Aerospace Montreal, an industry promoter, predicted over 30,000 aerospace jobs would need to be… Read more »

Points card combo

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Description: If you are a dedicated points saver, you are probably carrying an array of plastic cards in your wallet or apps or your phone to ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities to earn free stuff from participating merchants. This week you may have welcomed the announcement that Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart are… Read more »

Moving along the merger

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Description: It takes a while to bring two giants together. The planned merger of agricultural companies Agrium and Potash Corp has been ongoing for over a year. The latest hurdle has been cleared by Agrium’s sale of an Idaho phosphate producer for $100 million dollars, a move which was designed to ease the approval of… Read more »

How do we change the culture?

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Description: This past week a study revealed that only 5% of Canadian tech companies have been founded by females. A similar 5% have a female CEO with females representing only 13% of the executive team. Further, 53% of these tech companies had no female executives. About a month ago, the Canadian Security Administrators released a… Read more »

A distorted market ?

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Description: New Brunswick forestry companies are being hit with a duty of almost 21% on softwood lumber exports to the United States following a decision by  the U.S. Commerce Department. It appears some parts of the forestry industry are blaming New Brunswick’s Auditor General for their misfortune, noting that the U.S. government relied on Kim… Read more »

Which way do you slice this one?

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Description: Canada’s Competition Bureau has launched an investigation into alleged price-fixing in Canada’s bread industry. Experts appeared surprised by the news, given the recent deflationary trends in the bread and rolls category. But the investigation reportedly stretches back as far as 2001, so it will be interesting to see what emerges. Date: November 1, 2017… Read more »

What keeps you up at night?

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Description: Household debt. Inflation. A recession. All these are among the things that could trouble the governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz. But among the list of things that could keep him up at night, CTV news says Governor Poloz fears a cyber attack focused on the financial system as possibly number one…. Read more »