Taxing times

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Description: There has been considerable protest over the current federal government’s proposal to close tax loopholes for private corporations. Small business owners and professionals have been using various forms of ‘income sprinkling’ to lower their tax burden. One Liberal MP, Wayne Long, has broken ranks with his government colleagues, expressing his concern about the impact… Read more »

More facts on Equifax

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Description: And if the Equifax breach wasn’t bad enough, this past week we found out what a terrible job Equifax did in handling the crisis. First, we learned the company waited six weeks to tell us about the breach, leaving consumers uninformed their data was in peril. Second, we now know at least three Equifax… Read more »

Debt rising

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Description: Canadians owe more. That is, for every dollar of income, Canadians owed $1.678, up from the amount owed in the prior quarter. With interest rates now on the way up following years of low rates, economists worry that this rising debt load poses an economic risk. Date: September 15, 2017 Source: Link:… Read more »

Welcome back to another academic year

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Description: Welcome back to another academic year of Wiley’s Weekly Accounting Updates. And if you are at Dalhousie University (or King’s College) in Halifax, you might find your welcome back to campus has been accompanied by the presence of the Halifax police. A police program in force since 2004 sees enhanced patrols around the two… Read more »

Look up! Rates are rising

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Description: After years of cuts and restraint on interest rates, on Wednesday the Bank of Canada raised interest rates for the second time in three months. The Bank’s move sparked a rally in the loonie, with the Canadian dollar rising to its highest level in two years versus the United States dollar. The Bank appears… Read more »

Mind the Breach

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Description: And here comes another online security breach. Thursday Equifax, a credit rating agency, announced that a data breach has affected over 140 million consumers. While most of these live in the United States, a number of British and Canadian consumers may also have had their sensitive data compromised. One thing Equifax has offered is… Read more »

Netflix over one target, under another

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Description: Netflix‘s earnings per share exceeded the analysts’ estimates in its recent report on the first quarter. Conversely, the number of new subscribers was below what analysts had predicted. Overall, Netflix seems profitable with net income up to $178 million, an increase of about $150 million. The stock has been doing quite nicely, with the… Read more »

Standing up for dairy farmers

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Description: It’s probably news that Canadian dairy farmers did not want to hear. While visiting Wisconsin, U.S. President Donald Trump promised he would stand up for dairy farmers in that dairy state, criticizing current trade rules as unfair. Meanwhile, the dairy sector in Australia, New Zealand and Mexico welcomed the thought of attacking the Canadian… Read more »

Bad times in bumping

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Description: You’ve probably seen that viral video of the passenger being dragged off of the United Airlines flight. United has been taking more than a few shots in social media on this one, and perhaps the impact will be felt on its bottom line. And in the past week or so, we have seen discussion… Read more »

Lyft vs. Uber

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Description: In the battle of the two giants, ride service Lyft raised $600 million to help it continue the market share struggle against the bigger Uber. Both of these taxi-supplanters are continuing to grow. Uber, however, is facing a few incidents of bad publicity, including the release of a video showing an executive in an… Read more »