Earth Day at 50

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Description: April 22 marked the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day. This year’s celebration did not see the usual events; these gatherings were shut down by the COVID-19 crisis. Swedish activist Greta Thunberg took the opportunity to point out that humanity is now fighting two crises at the same time: COVID-19 and global warming. Date:  April… Read more »

Aid for Students

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Description: On April 22, the Prime Minister announced $9 billion in assistance for students who have found their summer employment options limited, or eliminated outright, by COVID-19. With summer camps shuttered, and traditional opportunities disappearing, students will be eligible to receive $1250 per month. While some will obviously appreciate the government’s action, others may question… Read more »

AIMCo’s Risky Investments

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Description: The Alberta Investment Management Corp. (AIMCo) – the organization that manages the public sector pension funds in the western province – is coming under criticism for investing over $1 billion in the Alberta oil patch. A number of these investments have lost money, with one company collapsing despite a $60 million investment by AIMCo…. Read more »

3 Recessions Already!

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Description: For those in the early stages of their careers – with birth years of 1980 through 1996 – the COVID-19 virus has introduced them to their third recession. The CBC interviewed three Canadians in this category to get some perspective and advice. One of those interviewed, Jessica Moorhouse, transitioned from an educational background in… Read more »

Take Cash – Please

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Description: Business are asking consumers to pay with plastic to reduce contact in face of the COVID-19 virus. The Bank of Canada, however, is urging retailers to continue accepting cash, despite this current climate of social distancing. The Bank does not want to see those who rely on cash unable to transact business for necessary… Read more »

On the Farm

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Description: Canadian farmers are getting some help from the federal government to pay for foreign workers. Because the workers will have to be quarantined for 14 days after entering Canada, the government will provide farmers with up to $1,500 per worker to cover pay during the quarantine period. Each year about 40,000 of these agricultural… Read more »

Who Wants a New iPhone?

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Description: Tech writers are claiming that Apple is close to a release of a new iPhone model. Samsung had just announced a new mobile device prior to the current social distancing phenomenon, perhaps giving the Galaxy a leg up on the iPhone. One big question is, when we get to the other side of the… Read more »

Summer Jobs

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Description: The COVID-19 virus has created havoc in the summer job market for students. Regular summer jobs are disappearing, as well as positions for student practicums and co-op opportunities. The loss of practicums is especially concerning as they are often required for graduation from certain programs. The Prime Minister has responded that the federal government… Read more »

Why Don’t We Plan?

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Description: Around the world, governments, medical authorities, and scientists have been organizing responses to the COVID-19 virus. The response to the crisis is tapping into human resourcefulness and inventiveness. Yet economists are asking what is it that keeps us from being better prepared for such a crisis, one that epidemiologists had warned about? Something economists… Read more »

Now There Are 3

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Description: US cellular customers are now dealing with a world in which there are only 3 major carriers. T-Mobile has received regulatory approval to purchase Sprint. Along with the deal, T-Mobile has promised to hold the line on rates and to improve service in rural areas. Some critics maintain that it will be very difficult… Read more »