The Camper Glut

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Description: In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic when air travel was heavily disrupted, Canadians directed their vacation spending towards things that would allow them to spend time outdoors; purchases such as travel trailers, RVs, ATVs, and camping gear. But a combination of the bounce-back from Covid travel restrictions and a decline in discretionary… Read more »

Solar Eclipse Good for Tourism

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Description: The April 8 solar eclipse was certainly good for business. Niagara Falls, with locations on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border, anticipated a million visitors . About 100 Super 8 motels in the path of totality sold out. Occupancy rates on AirBnB trended upwards and no doubt some in the tourism industry had… Read more »

There Goes Your Show

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Description: Bell has announced that starting next month, shows customers have recorded on their PVRs will disappear after 60 days. With the move to cloud storage, Bell clients have benefited by being able to watch their recorded shows on mobile devices. But, of course, all that cloud storage comes at a cost, and, it appears… Read more »

University Hit in Cyber Attack

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Description: The University of Winnipeg has been the victim of a cyber attack, forcing it to cancel some classes and exams. The university reports that the attackers probably stole data from students – both current and former – as well as faculty and staff. The hackers may have targeted such details as social insurance numbers,… Read more »

Chocolate Heading Up

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Description: The price of chocolate is heading up, adding particular pain to some Canadians as they mark the rising food prices in their budgets. Chocolate is made from cocoa, and the major growing region of West Africa suffered from drought and disease, reducing crop yields while essentially tripling the price. Olive oil is another case… Read more »

A Rather Unique Escape Room

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Description: The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has launched a unique service to help educate Ottawa residents how to avoid being defrauded. Inside the city’s St. Laurent Shopping Centre mall shoppers will find the the ‘Be Smart Scam Escape Room’ where they can move about three rooms, answering various challenges that will boost their knowledge about… Read more »