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Description: Two sixth-grade students from Calgary have gotten lots of attention for their online petition to encourage Starbucks to switch to fully-recyclable beverage cups. Mya Chau and Eve Helman have had over 300,000 signatures on their petition on Environmental groups have supported the two young environmentalists by funding them to travel to the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting in Seattle. Mya and Eve were unsure though if they would be allowed to present their petition to the meeting.

Date: March 19, 2018



1) Have you ever wondered about whether beverage cups are recyclable? Does it impact your buying decisions?

2) The article states that some time ago Starbucks promised to develop a solution to the problem of the cups by 2015, but that the company – and we might say its competitors – have obviously not met this target. Why do you think the company has failed to meet this target?

3) In Wiley’s Auditing: A Practical Approach, you can read about audits of corporate social responsibility. If you were responsible for preparing a corporate social responsibility report for Starbucks, how might you disclose the recyclable cup story?

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