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Description: Last week this space featured a discussion of a request by Statistics Canada to obtain banking information of Canadians without having approached those Canadians first. Of course, the opposition parties in Parliament were quick to criticize this apparent breach of protocol, though Statistics Canada had made efforts to brief the press beforehand. This week National Post columnist Andrew Coyne offered another view of the story, noting how political parties in Canada have plenty of personal information about us in their files. To make matters worse, the federal political parties have written the laws on privacy such that they do not apply to them.

Date:  November 5, 2018




Discussion points:

1) Were you aware of the volume of information the political parties can gather and their exemption from privacy legislation?

2) Have you ever worked on a political campaign? What sort of information did you have available to help the campaign?

3) How are donations to political parties treated in filing personal income tax returns?

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