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Description: You may have noticed something new on the Toronto Maple Leafs outfits if you watched the NHL team in its season opener. The Leafs’ hockey helmets now sport the Tik Tok label. The site, host to the short video format that has captivated so many users, has struck a deal that also includes branding in areas inside the Leafs’ home arena. No financial terms were discussed in the article.

Date:  October 13, 2021



Discussion points:

1) Did you happen to notice the Tik Tok decal on the Leafs’ helmets?

2) What is your opinion of pro sports teams wearing advertising on their uniforms?

3) On page 8-25 of Wiley’s Understanding Financial Accounting, we can learn about the trademark registration in Canada. How long does Canadian law allow a company like Tik Tok to have exclusive right to use a trade mark?

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