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Description: Wired is calling it a new era for Apple. The iPhone 15 had its splashy kickoff last week, and one big change is the lightning port has been replaced by the USB-C port, meaning all your Apple devices can now be charged with the same cord. On the Pro Max model, Apple has introduced a periscope zoom camera that will allow users to capture a clearer focus on subjects at a distance. Apple also announced an intention to move towards sustainable materials for its cases and away from leather.

Date:  September 12 2023



Discussion points:

1) What percentage of your classmates are iPhone users?

2) Do you think Apple’s big product launches are as effective as they once were?

3) On page 3-29 of Wiley’s Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making we read that Apple Inc. would have a large number of accounts on its Chart of Accounts compared to a smaller organization. Why would this be the case?

2 Responses to “And Here Comes Another iPhone”

  1. Mary Goudy

    Mary Goudy, Isabelle Rafter, McKeeve Chantack

    1. IPhone is a well-renowned brand with approximately, 1.63 billion users, this is close to 32 percent of the 7.3 billion recorded cellphone users in 2023. Ages 18-25, make-up 22 percent of that total. So in our class, we’d estimate that 40 percent are IPhone users based on these statistics.

    2. We do think that Apple, a now a well-established and culturally renowned brand, is still outputting product launches effective as they once were. Apple has built strong customer loyalty, so much so, that consumers are anticipating new launches and are still in a hurry to get the latest release.

    3. A Chart of Accounts is a financially organizational tool that provides a complete listing of every account in the general ledger of a company. It makes sense that a company like Apple, would have a bigger COA compared to a smaller business. A smaller business would have fewer suppliers and a smaller number of customer accounts, causing the chart of accounts itself to be smaller.

  2. Haley Harrison

    Haley Harrison, Jack Arsenault, Gantulkhuur Lkhagvasuren, Hailey Simoneau

    1. All the members of our group are iPhone users as well as users of various other apple products. We would estimate that around 85% or above of our classmates are iPhone users.

    2. We do not think apple product launches are as effective as they once were. This is for various reason. One being that advertisements of new phones are not as common when watching tv considering the various add-less steaming services. Apple ads were featured most during commercial breaks making them seen more to the public and have more effect. They are also less effective considering the minimal difference between the new released phones. The upgrades from each phone are more likely to be internal now rather than external as they once were (removing the home button, colors) . this makes the launches more exciting and unique. lastly, Iphone coming out with various phones at once and so often makes the launches have less and less effect overtime.

    3. They would have a larger number of accounts because they are such a huge corporation. They have many suppliers meaning apple requires thousands of accounts to keep track of their worldwide activities compared to smaller accounts that are able to manage and repost its activities with a smaller number of accounts.


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