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Description: It’s hard to figure out what’s going on these days in the job market. One day, restaurants and retailers are jamming their windows with help wanted signs. Then, you turn around and find retail giant Canadian Tire is laying off three percent of its workforce, citing declines in business as prompting the move. Reports say job postings for Christmas season jobs, a normally vibrant time in the retail business, are down 30 percent this year.

Date:  November 9, 2023



Discussion points:

1) Have you ever had a Christmas season retail job during your time at university?

2) Do you see a lot of job postings or help wanted signs in your university town?

3) Page 8.1 of Wiley’s Understanding Financial Accounting discusses Canadian Tire’s long-term assets. What intangible assets are owned by Canadian Tire?

5 Responses to “Canadian Tire Layoffs”

  1. Aidan Hazen and Josh Gonsalves

    1. No, neither of us have had a Christmas season retail job during our time in university, as no job opportunities were available back home. Jobs at Christmas are very scarce and nearly impossible to come by.

    2. I have not seen any job wanted signs or help wanted posts around my university town. I have seen one that was posted in my home town at bath and body works looking for employees to work the Christmas season.

    3. Some inrangible assets that Canadian tire would have would be some computer software, trade marks and pattens.

  2. Sophie Major

    Sophie Major, Rhys Chambers, Martin Duguay, and Gursahiba Saggu
    1. One of our group members has a job during the Christmas season at is local gas station. He knows the manager well, and he is working two 20 hours per week for a full wage of 40 hours at the end of these two weeks.

    2. There are a couple of jobs poster in the dining hall but those are for if you want to work at the dining hall. I have seen a couple help wanted posters in some shops downtown. Seeing a help wanted or job posting poster in town is not common anymore because nowadays everything is online. So most employers post about the job position available on the internet or certain websites that help you get a job such as Indeed.

    3. Intangible assets owned by Canadian Tire include their logo not to mention they also own Jump Start, Mark, and Sport Check those companies alone have 800 stores across Canada.

  3. Group 4

    1. No one in our group has had a retail job during Christmas at our university as we all typically go home for the holidays.
    2. I have not seen any job postings around my university town.
    3. Canadian tires long term assets would be assets like computer software pattens and trade marks.

    Spencer McCarron
    Cohen Tremblay
    Victoria Burnie
    Sonam Wangyal

  4. Spencer Long

    Kohei Noda, Andrew Kuiper, joel Williams
    1. None of our group members have had a job in retail during our time at University. This time of year, part time jobs in retail can be very hard to get.
    2. In a small University town like sackville, it can be difficult to find a part time position that hasn’t already been filled. I don’t often see help wanted signs around town.
    3. Canadien tire has many intangible assets such as their logo and various pattens they hold.


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