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Description: According to Canada Helps, Canadians make 30% of their charitable donations in December. A survey by AFP Foundation for Philanthropy found that Canadians would give more if they were better informed around the impacts that their donations help achieve. Brad Offman, CEO at an organization that provides consulting services to charities, says that “there’s no definitive answer to (measuring impact).” Offman notes that assuming low administration costs equals high impact is not valid.

Date:  November 6, 2023



Discussion points:

1) How many of your classmates make charitable donations each year?

2) Do you have any personal selection criteria for making charitable donations?

3) Page 7-27 of Wiley’s Understanding Financial Accounting discusses some of the work of the Daily Bread Food Bank. If you were a financial officer or a board member at this food bank, what might be some of the things you would recommend the organization use to measure its impact?

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