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Brilliant Futures:

During our College wide open house, most new College students are wondering, do we have a future:?

Here is the PWC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) perspective.

At PwC, the company will help you create your own brilliant future. You’ve worked hard at  College & University to give yourself that head start. We’ll build on your education and give you the technical training and people skills you need to make the most of your career. We work in a team-based learning environment. Most of your development will take place on the job, but you’ll also get plenty of coaching and classroom-based training.

You’ll be mentored, finding yourself inspired and embracing the insights of others. You’ll also begin coaching others early on, developing your own ability to inspire and motivate people. We’ll help you build relationships with your colleagues and clients so you can provide them with the value they’re looking for.

We’re often asked what a career path at PwC looks like

Some people join us looking to specialize in a specific area, becoming an expert in their field. Some of us like to experience one area of PwC and then move to a different line of service to explore other areas of the firm. For others, a career goal is to become a partner.

The path to partnership takes years of hard work and determination. You’ll find that there are opportunities for promotion to the next level as you master technical skills, build internal and external relationships, and gain credentials and experience.

With each step of your career, you’ll take on increased responsibilities and more complex client work. You’ll manage larger teams, become a coach to others in the firm and play a key role in building the practice. You’ll become directly responsible for relationships and services to clients, understanding what value looks like for them and making sure we deliver on their own unique expectations. Reaching the partner level means that you have a history of exceptional performance and commitment to the firm as well as deep technical and industry knowledge.


 UFE Preparation Program

As a new employee and CA student at PwC, your preparation for the UFE begins soon after arriving at the firm. Led by highly-trained instructors, the program includes practical training, workshops and practice sessions with questions from actual exams and other reference materials. We provide you with extensive study leave and we even cover all UFE-related exam fees.

To learn more about the UFE and about PWC: visit the PWC website

Discussion questions:

1. Visit the above PWC website, what did you find interesting, have an open discussion with your classmates.

2. Do you find that PWC wants to help you achieve your goals?

3. What do you envision a Professional  Chartered Accountant does on a day to day basis?

Text taken from the PWC website

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