Tim Hortons recreates original Hamilton store — in Toronto

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Tim Hortons Is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the opening of its first location, and today the coffee and doughnut giant created a temporary replica of Store No. 1 and plopped it into a busy city square. The installation, staffed on Thursday with servers dressed in Mad Men-era uniforms handing out goodies to passersby, wasn’t… Read more »

Canada loses 29,000 jobs in April

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 Canadian Economy Canada’s economy shed 29,000 jobs in April but the employment rate stayed flat at 6.9 per cent.Fewer people looking for work caused the jobless rate to stay the same, Statistics Canada said Friday. Economists had anticipated an increase of 12,000 jobs for April, according to Thomson Reuters. “There has been little overall employment… Read more »

Francine Katz sues Anheuser-Busch for 20-year gender bias: Sex & Salary Discrimination

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Male only Corporate World? From male-only corporate jets to guys’ golf outings and hunting trips, Francine Katz says her time in the Anheuser-Busch executive suite was rife with exclusion, intentional slights and outright discrimination. In a 20-year career that saw her rise from a young corporate lawyer to a job as vice-president, key strategist and… Read more »

ICBC ordered to pay back millions to motorists, Accounting Error of over $100 million

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Accounting error B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone says he is “angry” after learning that an ICBC (British Columbia Insurance Corporation) computer mistake led to billing errors totalling an estimated $110 million in optional insurance coverage. The Crown corporation estimates it owes its customers $36 million and an additional $3 million in interest for overcharging them…. Read more »

Share a juicer, your dog or a room in your home? How the sharing economy took off

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The “light-bulb moment” that sparked Dayna Boyer’s entry into the sharing economy came when she wanted a juicer. She loves cooking, but as someone who has lived much of her adult life in small apartments and condos, she’s never had an overabundance of space for specialty kitchen appliances. Nor had she the finances to buy… Read more »

The Heartbleed bug dilemma

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The Heartbleed bug dilemma: Disclosing a web problem also means alerting hackers Online Security Breach The Heartbleed software bug is not only one of the most serious online security breaches in recent memory, it has also demonstrated how difficult it is for websites to tell their customers whether they’re at risk or not. The Heartbleed revelation… Read more »

Do your homework before paying to get your taxes done

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From the time of my first job, I did my own taxes — first, with the guidance of my parents; then later on my own. I initially filed paper returns by mail and later joined the growing number of Canadians who use Netfile.  All that changed, however, about two years ago when my wife incorporated a business. We turned… Read more »

BlackBerry CEO John Chen on his turnaround strategy

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Steep drop in Revenue BlackBerry reported a steep drop in revenue and a widening loss as sales of its smartphones continue to slide. The smartphone maker says it lost $423 million US in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2014, as revenue for the three-month period fell to $976 million — a 64 per cent decline… Read more »

Where is Google going next?

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Watch the following video Charlie Rose interviews Google CEO Larry Page about his far-off vision for the company. It includes aerial bikeways and internet balloons … and then it gets even more interesting, as Page talks through the company’s recent acquisition of Deep Mind, an AI that is learning some surprising things. Click on Where… Read more »

Bank customer’s lawsuit raises questions about fraud liability

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$80K fraud case highlights caveats and conditions giving banks a backdoor for liability Security of online credit cards in question The case of an Ontario man who was charged more than $80,000 on his credit card for purchases he claims he didn’t make is raising new questions about the security of online and credit card transactions and whether banks are shifting liability for… Read more »