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Description: Mountain Equipment Co-op, better known perhaps by its signature letters MEC, is a much admired Canadian co-operative. Members can still join for simply putting down $5 for a share. But recently some members have been concerned that MEC seems to be shifting its governance profile to be more corporate like, meaning that some members without the appropriate senior corporate experience have been excluded from running for the board.


Date: October 16, 2015


Discussion Points:

1) Are you a MEC member? If so, do you participate by voting for the board members?

2) If you were responsible for setting up a governance structure for a complex retail organization like MEC, how would you reconcile the business demands with the co-operative organizational structure? In other words, what type of characteristics would you like to see represented on the board?

3) MEC has a goal of directing 1% of gross sales to environmental causes. What are some other important measures of corporate social responsibility you have seen?

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