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Description: Google has settled a six year tax audit with the British government; the amount owing – 130 million British pounds. And Google faces a similar tax bill in Italy while the government of France threatens to collect about three times as much from the Internet search-engine king. But don’t feel too sorry for Google. Some calculate that even with this settlement in Britain, Google is paying a tax rate of about three percent there, due to its complex means of booking revenue in low tax locations.


Date: January 29, 2016


Discussion Points:

1) What’s your personal feeling about Google’s tax avoidance strategies described in the article?

2) Do you agree with the article’s conclusion that because of public outcry,  “it is only a matter of time before the game of multinational tax avoidance . . . is banned?”

3) Would accounting theory have anything to tell us about where the revenue of Internet companies like Google and Facebook should be recorded?

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