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Description: It’s a pretty big battle out there with Apple going head-to-head with the FBI over the issue of encryption. Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the giant corporation will not cooperate with the FBI in opening up access to the cellphone of a terrorist. Apple has concerns that opening up its encryption secrets will make its customers more susceptible to “brute force” attacks. As well, if Apple is forced to cooperate, will this drive customers to foreign companies outside the reach of US authorities?


Date: February 19, 2016


Discussion Points:

1) Are you an Apple iPhone user? Did the Apple encryption protection influence your decision to purchase an Apple product?

2) What is your opinion of this dispute? Do you side with Apple or the FBI?

3) According to the Globe and Mail article, the day the story broke, an Indian company announced a smart phone with a price of $5. What do you think this phone may have cost the Indian manufacturer to make?

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