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Description: This week’s federal budget had a number of interesting measures, and one that seems to be very strategic is the announcement of close to $118 million in funding for 25 research chairs in an effort to recruit “top-tier international scholars.” Following the U.S. election and the earlier Brexit vote in Britain, the promise of more dollars for science research in Canada may be just one more factor that helps scientists in those countries decide on Canada as an attractive place to live and work. One aspect of the funding is that it is intended to allow universities to respond quickly to serious inquiries from overseas scientists.

Date: March 23, 2017



Discussion Points:

1) Did you follow the news around the federal budget or discuss it in any of your university classes?

2)  Do you see the funding on these research chairs as a good strategic move?

3)  As a student, were there any measures in the federal budget that impacted you?

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